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Embarrassing Poems from Middle School #2


The pain that stings My flesh when I cry

The words that numb My flesh when I cry

The years that pass Without a blessed prayer… 82 more words


Parenting - Never a Dull Moment

So my 10 month old waited until I was in the middle of appointment to shit all up her back and down her legs….

No baby changing facilities available (of course)… … 164 more words

10 random (and slightly embarrassing) facts about me:

1- I have to sleep with socks on so no monsters get me.

2- I feel stressed if my socks and PJs don’t match.

3- I’m a secret nerd (don’t worry I’ll make a blog about this one) 80 more words


Guest in Jest In A Complete Mess

I’m doing a complete facepalm here!

Yesterday I said that our Guest in Jest guest this week was Invisible-No-More.  Apparently, I lied.  Dee Dee tells me that she can’t wait to hear what she’s about to say and now I see that our guest should be Jan from   236 more words


Fainting Spells

Someone was talking about fainting and said “I’ve never fainted but I’ve always wanted to know what it was like.”

So ….. I thought, I would post my experiences here and kind of get it out because it isn’t something anyone, or even I, for that matter, really understands. 501 more words


#JusJoJan 2018, the 11th - Humiliation

I’ve come to the conclusion that humiliation is a very difficult thing to write about. Probably because I normally write about things that happen in my own life, and let’s face it, talking about something that’s humiliating is hard. 114 more words


The Time I Took An Awkward Selfie

I was in the Arts Building at the University of Utah. I had just come out of a meeting with my supervisor and decided to hit the restroom before class… when I decided to do something very stupid. 298 more words

Embarrassing Stories