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... Terminal Hypocrite ! [#Miz Hillary]...

.. and , great reporting job by Catherine Herridge of Fox News Channel ..

.. Herridge reports …

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Personal Opinion

MRGB Studio (Architects): MRGB - Monumental, Residential, Gregarious & Bucolic - representing the practice's location, Brasilia. See Blogroll for a link.

Residence AL – Brasilia – DF /

Residence SF – Brasilia – DF /

Residence AM – Brasilia – DF /

Residence WV – Brasilia – DF / 18 more words


Berlin, Germany

I spent my first day in Europe in Berlin, Germany. I was thankful that most of the day was spent touring on a bus since I’m extremely  exhausted from the flight. 113 more words

Žvėrynas - 50mm advent calendar

Žvėrynas is one of the few neighbourhoods in Vilnius, alongside the historic city centre, that gets its own chapter in the guidebooks. And for good reason. 266 more words


Winternational; 4th Annual Embassy Showcase 

I am a big promoter of cultural diplomacy; “the exchange of ideas, arts and information to foster mutual understanding between nations.” In the times that we live in now, it has become crucial to undesratnd other culture and to work together in harmony. 78 more words

Events And Campaigns

Happy Birthday Marines

Happy birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps.  Founded in 1775, the USMC has helped protect U.S. embassies around the world since 1948, I believe (at least, that’s what the speechifying at the Marine Ball indicated…). 42 more words

Political Philosophy

The Bookseller: The First Hugo Marston Novel by Mark Pryor

Get ready for suspense and red herrings in the world of the bouquinistes –  the book stalls along the Seine in Paris. Hugh Marston, the head of security at the US embassy in Paris, passes many a lunch break perusing old books to find the perfect gift.  197 more words