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.. and , great reporting job by Catherine Herridge of Fox News Channel ..

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What's in a name? In the case of Brazil, Indiana, very little!

In southern Indiana, in the American Midwest, there’s town called Brazil. Throughout North America, settlements were often named after a place, almost always in Europe, to which the founders had links. 3,282 more words


Guns on the road

Title of the news should appear in the photo

So how do marketers achieve these positions in the search engine listings?

Like public relations or media relations programs, SEO campaigns take time to take hold, with success building steadily over several months. 229 more words


Embassies, Canberra

As you’d expect from a capital city Canberra is full of embassies and consulates. Thanks to it’s planned nature they’re all pretty much in one area, on land owned by the Australian government and allocated out. 69 more words


Feds ban new embassies along Ottawa's Sussex Drive after RCMP warn of possible 'violent events'

OTTAWA — The federal government is forbidding the construction of new embassies on Ottawa’s Sussex Drive following a stark RCMP assessment of the potential for “violent events” in the high-profile neighbourhood. 443 more words


Robbery, stunt driving, abuse: Report reveals bad behaviour by foreign diplomats in Canada

OTTAWA — Global Affairs Canada tracked 31 different “incidents” ranging from illegal passports to abuse of domestic help within Canada’s foreign diplomatic corps as of this summer, 28 of them between March and June. 394 more words


Dealings with Jerusalem before the eleventh century

A vice that I am prone to is that of poking at other people’s research areas without knowing very much about it, as has often been evidenced here—I won’t link, out of embarrassment. 1,558 more words