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Tech Tips #6 Embed image and video into Google Forms

Back to Google Drive, here.  Did you know that you can add videos or images to Google Forms?  This is another example of self-guided learning that your students can engage in.   49 more words

Step-by-Step guide for developing Android Plugin for Unity3D (II)

In previous blog, I have covered how to handshake Native Android code with Unity3D. The example shown therein is pretty simple: how to call a java function in C#! 293 more words


US Election Shocker: Is This How The Vote Will Be Rigged?

From Activist Post, by Jon Rappoport

So far, the analysis of how a vote can be rigged through GEMS seems to be labeled “too hot to handle.” Outlets prefer to report slinging of mud instead. 750 more words


500px Still Needs To Fix Their Grid View (2016)

Amazingly, there really are several things that Flickr still does better than 500px even in 2016. Nevermind what the un-thinking,  un-discerning masses buoyed by popular fad think. 399 more words


Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning in Our Jobs

(Source: hbr.org)

Since we now expect learning to be as simple and compelling as watching YouTube, hundreds of video-based content providers and MOOCs offer free bite-sized content for us to consume on our phones while sitting in the coffee shop or standing in the subway. 678 more words


Module 4 Part 3

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D, in this Slideshare “SAMR as a Framework for Moving Towards Education 3.0,” explains how education needs to skip to “doing” Web 3.0 — student-directed learning. 232 more words

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