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How to make Word 16 embed all your fonts

Before I begin, if you don’t want to self-publish your own paperback, or if you don’t use a PDF file to do it, look away now. 717 more words


Flash Animations

How to save Flash files on various websites? They can’t be save directly off web pages. Clear the browser cache and visit the webpage with flash animation. 27 more words



As an Art Tutor and also as a working artist, I realize that one of the problems faced by most artists is their propensity to keep on working at a drawing or a painting, often for hours on end, without a break.     235 more words


Soap is a Peach

I was fascinated by a peach soap dough embed someone posted at one of the groups I belong to a couple months ago, it looked so realistic, and it was done with soap dough.  127 more words

Soap Making

It is strawberry season: Soap dough strawberries

Probably the trickiest part of making these strawberries out of soap dough, was getting the right red for the soap dough.  Red is famous for being difficult to get in cold process soap, and since soap dough should not go through gel process, it is even trickier.  216 more words

Soap Making

I'm Skeptical About SmugMug's Acquisition of Flickr

I learned yesterday (April 20) that Flickr was acquired by another photography website, SmugMug.com.

I’ve been a longtime user and subscriber to Flickr. I’ve seen Flickr go through several, often upsetting changes over the years. 440 more words


Going bananas

These were fun and easy to make.  If you have some yellow soap dough, give them a try.  I plan to use these on a soap that I will make using the fragrance Monkey farts.  190 more words

Soap Dough Creations