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Home Automation with IOT in Embedded

Embedded system is a combination of Hardware and Software. Micro-controller like AT89SX, PIC, ARDUINO which places a vital role on this. By using this, we can implement a much real time application Projects and Products in every aspect of human life. 70 more words

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8 Of The Best New Beauty Products Hitting Sephora Shelves

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How to Interface Temperature Sensor(LM35) in ATmega 16/32

Hai Readers,

This post will describe how to interface LM35 with with ATmega 16/32 microcontroller board.


  • ATmega16 is an 8-bit high performance microcontroller from the Atmel’s Mega AVR family.
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Embedded System


Hello everyone,

I’m glad to take you through the procedure involved in interfacing an Servo motor with ATmega 16/32 microcontroller board. Servo motor can be bought from our online store by clicking  488 more words

Embedded System

Using Raspberry Pi as a WIFI Bridge

This guide is for advanced users who want to bridge the wifi of the Raspberry Pi to the ethernet port. Please be careful with each step. 471 more words

Embedded System

4 Steps to get advance in Embedded systems.

Today I want to go to flashback. From my experience, I would like to tell what steps you people shall follow to be a successful embedded developer. 567 more words