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competition progress

Been busy developing the components for my design using hand drawings and adobe illustrator so far I’m happy with how things are a going one all the individual works are done I will assemblethewm togethor in to a final design.


Dodge on 25

I am drawn to old cars and trucks.  I found this one sitting in front of junk store on Hwy 25 in Greenville, SC.  I found parts of the car very intriguing especially the metal on the front bumper.  47 more words


Peel N Pop Emblem Chop!

Another quick cheap modification or fix to a vehicle is to repair or replace the emblems on the car.  These emblems are nothing more than stickers with heavy duty 3M adhesive on the back. 383 more words


WEED CLAN TV Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

WEED CLAN TV Network                          May 8, 2015                      Volume 1, Issue 2

WEED CLAN TV Newsletter

Thank you for stopping by, it’s great to have you be a part of the WEED Family. 628 more words