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Ang Ouroboros: Sagisag ng Etheria

In the past episodes of Encantadia, a recurring symbol can be seen engraved on the crates that nestle the bones of the dead followers of Bathalumang Ether. 159 more words


My and My Husband's Favorite Waifus (and Husbandos)

Fire Emblem Heroes came out this month, and while neither me nor my husband have ever really played a Fire Emblem game before (Felix played The Sacred Stones, but I mean), so we both downloaded it and tried it out. 771 more words

Fire Emblem Heroes Has A Takumi Problem

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Players of Nintendo’s newest mobile game love to hate and hate to love one specific unit, the mere presence of which has been defining the endgame experience. 627 more words


Fire Emblem Heroes Glitch Gives Everyone Demon Voices

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For many, Fire Emblem Heroes is little more than a fun strategy game filled with fab fashion and horny heroes. For an unlucky few, a terrible glitch has transformed the game into a terrifying nightmare. 122 more words


Player's Seem to Really Enjoy the Emblem Creator in For Honor

Can’t fight for the Holy Land if you don’t look good.

Ubisoft’s For Honor has just finished their open beta, days before the release of the full game on February 14th, and fans have mostly responded positively. 321 more words

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! 

A 9*13 peanut butter cake iced with vanilla buttercream. All decorations (collar, pocket, emblem, buttons and tie) are handmade from fondant.


Nintendo feeling confident after the launches of "Super Mario Run" and "Fire Emblem: Heroes"

Nintendo’s foray into the world of mobile gaming is as interesting as it is confusing. The titles that the company has released so far rely on different approaches for monetization, and some of them have not resonated too well with certain users (Super Mario Run, anyone?). 106 more words