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The Belle on the Bill

In today’s New York Times, Gail Collins has an op-ed piece about the online movement to replace Andrew Jackson with a famous American woman on the twenty-dollar bill –the comment thread is long and lively, and from what I can see, largely devoid of the misogyny that usually dominates such online fora (one recalls in this context the… 651 more words


WT Study: Why We Observe the Lord’s Evening Meal

“Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” – 1 Cor. 11:24

A more appropriate title for this week’s Watchtower study would be “How We Observe the Lord’s Evening Meal.” The “why” is answered in the article’s opening paragraph. 2,671 more words

The Anointed

The Cons of Offshoring: The Importance of Being "Made in the USA"

As a key competitive strategy we constantly struggle against in our industry, offshoring has been a largely debated topic in years past. While it is true that offshoring was and, in some part still remains, a competitive option for those in need of services brought about by American manufacturers, this option has grown to have more cons than pros. 135 more words

Forged by Freya


For the emblems of the night to thrive,

Despots should die, faith must survive,

Celestial hosts of yesteryear,

Benign, begotten, forgotten, fear –

For falling suns in distant planes, 20 more words


Pattern design

My stippling pattern is finished. I really enjoyed creating this. Not sure if stippling is the best technique. Some exploration is required I think.