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Hardcore Destiny Players Will Get Emblems In Destiny 2

(Source: kotaku.com)

We’re just two-and-a-half months away from Destiny 2, a video game that I cannot wait to play obsessively and complain about even more obsessively. 255 more words


Some comments on flag burning

I wrote this post ages ago and left it as a draft – perhaps I felt somehow it’s moment had passed, or perhaps I was too worried about the potential backlash! 600 more words

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Hey guys! I’m back at it again with another blog post lol. So do you remember my last post was verbal communication? Well today I’ll share with you non-verbal communication.  685 more words

Caribbean Society

The deep meaning of symbols and terms

One man’s view of our world and life.

The celebrated researcher Jordon Maxwell has paid a price!
He will tell you…

Our Universe, The Earth, Our World, is not what you think it is! 22 more words

What's It All About?

Origin of the Red Star (1)

The red star of communism is one of the most familiar signs in modern politics. Still, there seems to be surprisingly little known about its origin. 320 more words


The Black Cat of Kidwelly....

The picture left above is from https://tinyurl.com/h3s5pds, the one on the right is from https://blackcatrescue.wordpress.com/tag/black-cat-myth/

Last night I watched a programme in which the family history of the actor Ioan Gruffudd was traced. 351 more words


worlds that are conflicted when they meet

you run from one

side of the

island to the other, looking for your daughter.  You

look down and your shoes are red.  When you come… 38 more words