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Fields Institute Math Ed Forum Research Day

I was excited to have the opportunity to share my early research ideas and app designs with the Fields Insitute Math Ed Forum audience at their Research Day. 11 more words


Squeeze a Stress Ball for Divergent Thinking?

Can squeezing a soft ball help you generate more ideas? How about a hard ball? What would you predict?

Those are questions addressed by researcher JongHan Kim in a study titled, logically enough, “Physical Activity Benefits Creativity: Squeezing a Ball for Enhancing Creativity.” Studies in embodied cognition both fascinate and puzzle me. 273 more words

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Embodied cognition in a virtual world

I wrote another blog post for Trends in Cognitive Psychology.  You can read the post below.  The original post appeared here.

Navigating the wasteland: A perspective on embodied cognition in a virtual world… 1,108 more words

Cognitive Psychology

The interconnectedness of our bodies and our minds | Antonio Damasio

Human beings have an innate capacity for pattern recognition. It is part of the ways our brains learn to process information we perceive from the physical world. 213 more words


Beginning thoughts on Embodied cognition and faith

What if cognition didn’t only occur in the mind? What if our thinking, our processes of ideation, creation, imagination does not occur solely in our brain? 482 more words


Putting the body back into school

Blog on Intelligence in the Flesh- new book by Guy Claxton, Emeritus Professor, University of Winchester

When schools were originally being designed, they incorporated the then-widespread view that minds were totally different from and smarter than bodies. 715 more words

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Fish and Consciousness

In the current issue of Animal Sentience: An interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling (stay with me now), Professor Brian Key, Head of the Brain Growth and Regeneration Lab at the University of Queensland, has penned a strongly positioned paper on the topic of whether fish feel pain, titled… 1,274 more words

Philosophy Of Pain