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Layer 3: The Body - A Behavioural Medium of Responses to Sensory Experiences

The body has an internal and external plane. The internal plane regulates what is going on inside of us. The external plane relates to elements from the outside world that influence the body and visa versa that the body influences. 6,718 more words

Highly Sensitive Person

The Ecologic Body Prt 1

Lately, I’ve been delving into the field of cognitive science grasping at parallels in Chinese Medicine. Edward Singerland has been a great influence in guiding a comfortable where-between, that nicely points out where bridges between the two occur and may occur. 371 more words

A biohybrid ray and the rise of biology-inspired robots

Sometimes you read a paper and you just say to yourself: That is so cool! In Science magzine this week is one of those papers… 671 more words


Embodied Cognition: Body, Mind, and the Nature of Cognition

Body vs Mind | Body & Mind | Body as Mind

What is the body? What is the mind? In what ways are these two different questions? 427 more words


5 Lines for a River

I’m slowly regaining an interest in things outside of the eating disorder. My creativity is trickling back.

I’ve been getting back to some of my academic writing, bit by bit; reading a chapter at a time, writing short pieces paragraph by paragraph. 601 more words


How do Humans Bootstrap?

I gave a talk on the 21st April at the Technische Universität in Darmstadt on a subject which has occupied me for nearly thirty years: how do we get to be what we are, how do we think, communicate and grow? 135 more words

Cognitive Computing

The relationship between Business & Design: the Lego Serious Play case

The relationship between business and design has gone through deep changes in the past years. We are assisting at a convergence between business and design lead by the formalisation and adoption of design thinking and the revelation that good design is good business: many approaches from design have migrated into business and management enhancing the potential of business focused companies. 92 more words