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Walking lifts your mood, even when you don't expect it to

By Christian Jarrett

The mere act of putting one foot in front of the other for a few minutes has a significant beneficial impact on our mood, regardless of where we do it, why we do it, or what effect we expect the walk to have. 735 more words

Mental Health

(QUEIROZ, 2010) Ações bases da corporalização / embodiment BMC para performance

QUEIROZ, Clélia F. P. Ações bases da corporalização/embodiment BMC para performance. Anais: VI Congresso de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Artes Cênicas- ABRACE, 2010.

  • O conceito clássico de motricidade presente nos modelos computacionais de cognição aliava input à recepção e output à ação (programa motor), processos em separado para ambas as vias.
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OVERGAARD; GALLAGHER; RAMSOY. 2008) An integration of Fisrt-Person Methodologies in Cognitive Science

OVERGAARD, Morten. GALLAGHER, Shaun. RAMSOY, Thomas Zoëga. An integration of Fisrt-Person Methodologies in Cognitive Science. Journal of Consciousness Studies, v.15, n.5, pp.100-120, 2008.

  • A number of recent publications have argued that a scientific approach to consciousness needs a rigorous approach to first-person data collection.
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(CHALMERS, 1999) First-Person Methods in the Science of Consciousness

First-Person Methods in the Science of Consciousness

David J. Chalmers

Department of Philosophy – University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ 85721.



Here are a few very general thoughts about how I see the shape of a science of consciousness, focusing on the issue of first-person methodology. 1,897 more words


(SADE, 2009) Enação e Metodologias de Primeira Pessoa

SADE, Christian. Enação e Metodologias de Primeira Pessoa: o reencantamentodo concreto das investigações da experiência. INFORMÁTICA NA EDUCAÇÃO: teoria & prática Porto Alegre, v.12, n.2, p.42-58, jul./dez. 2,141 more words


Intelligence in the Flesh

Embodied cognition – the emergent mind

Intelligence in the Flesh by Guy Claxton

1 – Limbering Up – an Introduction

At the heart of this book is an argument: that we neglect our bodies because we underestimate their intelligence. 8,676 more words

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Embodied Cognition: Vegan Tacos

Embodied cognition: there is no thought that occurs outside of a body. The human body plays a fundamental role in literature, both in the fictional world as well as the one in which the author writes said literature. 822 more words