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Musings on new learning

Over the past week I’ve been reading a book on embodied cognition, Intelligence in the Flesh: Why your mind needs your body, written by Guy Claxton. 1,242 more words


Can Embodied Cognitive Science Inform Aesthetics?

A relatively common view concerning the ontology of aesthetic objects is that they are experiential states that take place solely within the minds of individuals. Such a view is implicit when artists reflectively describe the creation of their works as an attempt to get sounds, images, or emotions… 850 more words

An Experimental Mix of Birds, Psychology and Art


For the past year, I’ve been a member of the ‘Larks and Ravens‘, an experimental group of two artists and a psychologist. We’re exploring how to create visual contexts which trigger people into seeing their world differently for a moment. 1,598 more words


Design and Embodied Cognition: A Review

In this post, I review academic and professional work in the field between design and embodied cognition, furthermore bringing my own reflections and proposals to the table. 3,329 more words

What if Pain was a verb?

Compelling talk from Dr Alex Cahana at a TEDx a few years back

“…Pain is not something that you feel

it is something that you… 233 more words