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What if Pain was a verb?

Compelling talk from Dr Alex Cahana at a TEDx a few years back

“…Pain is not something that you feel

it is something that you… 233 more words


Colour therapy, creative imagery and science

I am an avid reader with a big, enthusiastic passion for PNI, neuroscience and neurotheology. And what I learn, I incorporate into my practise, as a healer who specialises in colour therapy, creative imagery and therapeutic story-telling. 453 more words


Agile music-making

We may have encountered the term “embodied cognition” in recent research showing the surprising interrelations of our minds and brains with our bodies—but here’s a twist. 248 more words

Idea Landscapes

What Concepts and Emotions Are (and Aren't)

Lisa Feldman Barrett has an interesting piece up in yesterday’s New York Times that I think is worth some attention here. Barrett is the director of the… 382 more words


Thursday Research Bulletin 30.7.2015

“Minecraft took away my Thursday – but I loved every moment.”

About this week

Another couple of publications going forward this week. Trying to compare the concept of ‘authentic context’ from Herrington, Reeves and Oliver (2010) in education with embodied cognition, phenomenology and human-computer interaction (e.g. 302 more words


EBICC 2015

10th International Brazilian Meeting on Cognitive Science

Main theme: Situated and Embodied Cognition

When: December 7-11, 2015

Venue: University of São Paulo, São Paulo city, Brazil… 629 more words

Embodied Cognition

Edev_502 response wk1_3

I’m having trouble getting my head around some concepts that both of you seem to have grasped. Please aid my comprehension.

Piaget and Garcia’s observation that, “The only truly ubiquitous factors in cognitive developments … are of a functional, not a structural kind” (1983, cited in von Glaserfeld, 1988, p. 608 more words