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What do your surroundings to to your communication?

Have you ever wondered if you hold more of a ‘hard-line’ if you sit on a hard seat?

Probably not.

Neither had I until I read something on a new area of research called embodied cognition. 231 more words

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Twin Sons of Different Mothers – part 1

What is so similar, coming from such different backgrounds? I will first briefly describe the parallels in our work, then highlight the importance of this resemblance. 1,545 more words

Herbert Maier

Reflections of Sense-Certainty

Hegel’s concept of sense-certainty in Phenomenology of Spirit reminds me of many others concepts, including experience and embodied cognition (psychology). “Certainty as a connection is an immediate pure connection: consciousness is “I”, nothing more, a pure “This” (91), 338 more words


What does it take to be human? Perhaps three levels of embodiment...

Posted by Kris with a K

I’m reading through Embodiment and Cognitive Science by Raymond Gibbs, per Rob von Thaden‘s recommendation, and came across this lovely breakdown of what it is that makes us human. 519 more words


I is for Intersubjectivity

If I had to reduce language learning to the bare essentials and then construct a methodology around those essentials, it might look something like this (from Edmund White’s autobiographical novel… 1,102 more words

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The Self in Buddhism and Western Philosophy (Moore)

The Self in Buddhism and Western Philosophy (from Political Theory in Canonical Buddhism, by Matthew J. Moore, in Philosophy East and West, January 2015)

Yet, not surprisingly, the Western philosophical tradition contains several different strands of thought about the self, which are more or less close to the Buddhist position. 408 more words

Advayavada Buddhism