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Embodiment in virtual reality

The mind-boggling issue in immersive virtual environment (IVE) is how to apply embodiment in a virtual learning platform. Even if a virtual reality can simulate realistic views to learners,  there are limitations to control and manipulate the objects in virtual reality. 179 more words

Virtual Reality

But logically, really, how can REC support a "replacement hypothesis"?

This the question that’s been pestering me for the past day or so.

Maybe I’m missing something here. That’s entirely possible. I’m no stranger to the concept of… 622 more words


Not just a floating brain: Action and Cognition Lab studies human body’s impact on visual perception

This is an excellent article – and it really helps explain certain mysteries of post-concussion issues. I’m thinking and writing a fair amount about this, these days, tying in “embodied cognition” with the neurofunctional pieces. 884 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Living Vicarious: The Swapper (actually half-life tho)

So I’ve got a little folder of games to write about tucked away on my computer, and one of those games is The Swapper, by Facepalm Games (2013). 935 more words

Video Games & Narrative

TL;DR - Phantom limb perception and motor imagery

Recently published in Scientific Reports and open access:

Phantom limb perception interferes with motor imagery after unilateral upper-limb amputation

A potential contributor to impaired motor imagery in amputees is an alteration of the body schema as a result of the presence of a phantom limb. 462 more words


Fields Institute Math Ed Forum Research Day

I was excited to have the opportunity to share my early research ideas and app designs with the Fields Insitute Math Ed Forum audience at their Research Day. 11 more words


Squeeze a Stress Ball for Divergent Thinking?

Can squeezing a soft ball help you generate more ideas? How about a hard ball? What would you predict?

Those are questions addressed by researcher JongHan Kim in a study titled, logically enough, “Physical Activity Benefits Creativity: Squeezing a Ball for Enhancing Creativity.” Studies in embodied cognition both fascinate and puzzle me. 273 more words

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