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MARIOTTI (2000) - Ciência cognitiva e experiência humana

MARIOTTI, Humberto. Ciência cognitiva e experiência humana. Cognitivismo, conexionismo e ciência cognitiva: suas implicações éticas. 2000. Disponível em www.humbertomariotti.com.br , acesso em 10/04/17.

  • O cérebro existe num corpo, o corpo existe no mundo e o organismo age, move-se, caça, reproduz-se, sonha, pensa.
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Week 13: Fabry (2017) Betwixt and between: the enculturated predictive processing approach to cognition

This week we were joined by Regina Fabry to discuss her work on enculturated cognition. This paper outlines a multilevel framework for accounting how cultural practices (referred to here, following Menary (2007), as “cognitive practices”) impact the neurocognitive profiles of human agents. 2,485 more words

Weekly Reading

NÓBREGA (2008) - Corpo, percepção e conhecimento em Merleau-Ponty

NÓBREGA, Terezinha Petrucia. Corpo, percepção e conhecimento em Merleau-Ponty. Estudos de Psicologia, v.13, n.2, p.141-148, 2008.

  • Especialmente na obra Fenomenologia da Percepção, Merleau-Ponty (1945/1994) apresenta uma crítica ampla e rigorosa à compreensão positivista da percepção por meio da revisão do conceito de sensação, sua relação com o corpo e com o movimento.
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SHEETS-JOHNSTONE (2014) - On the origin, nature, and genesis of habit

SHEETS-JOHNSTONE, Maxine. On the origin, nature, and genesis of habit. Phenomenology and Mind, n.6, p.96-116, 2014.

  • Brushing one’s teeth, tying a shoelace or knot, hammering a nail and not one’s thumb, writing one’s name, walking down stairs — each is a distinctive qualitative dynamic, a sequence of movements that has a distinctive beginning, a distinctive contour with distinctive intensity changes, for example, and a distinctive end.
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Tiny yet Titanic: The Butterfly Effect in Psychological Well-Being

You’ve likely heard of the Butterfly Effect. It’s the notion that, because of how everything in the natural world is interconnected and deterministic (as some would like to argue), a butterfly’s flapping its wings in, say, Sydney, could ultimately result in a hurricane in, say, the Gulf of Mexico. 1,545 more words


Talk: Dynamics of Embodied Memory: Temporality, Spatiality, and Sociality

The Marsilius-Kolleg is organizing a conference series on the topic of comprehensive anthropology.

Next month the series will start with an International Conference on the Formation of Embodied Memory… 145 more words