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Mirror Neurons - Embodied Cognition

Authors: Di Pellegrino, G., Fadiga, L., Fogassi, L., Gallese, V., & Rizzolatti, G.

Year: 1992

Title: Understanding motor events: a neurophysiological study

Summary: Research emitting from the University of Parma in the 1990s changed cognitive science forever. 274 more words

Cognitive Psychology

Dabbling in Neuroscience…

Friends have been listening to audiobooks for years; if a bookclub date should roll around faster than anticipated, someone would plug in an audio version whilst driving a child to hockey/gymnastics/voice lessons/orthodontist appointments and turn the highway 99 drive into her own personal writer’s festival. 484 more words


Designers imagine, touch and walk the talk

This post is third in the series three posts that explores potentials of mind’s eye by blindfolding designers and architects and asking them to develop their design proposals, completely relying on internal resources and visualizing in the mind’s eye. 3,200 more words

Design Thinking

Measuring the role of passive touch in social perception

We were able to demonstrate that we have the clearest awareness of the presence of another person when we feel them touching us. This conclusion is perhaps not entirely unexpected, but it is nice because it is the first time that the notion of passive touch, which was developed by phenomenological philosophy and developmental psychology, has been empirically measured and quantified. 224 more words


The importance of emotional display rules for employee well-being: A multi-group comparison

‘Serving with a smile’ has generally been associated with negative effects for employee well-being. The present study investigated whether emotional display rules also relate to positive outcomes by distinguishing demands to suppress negative emotional response (negative display rules) from demands to express positive emotions (positive display rules). 103 more words


Read any good books lately?

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Out-of-the-box ideas to teach sketching

I had opportunities to teach sketching for over two decades to graduate students; some had joined the programme in design with limited sketching skills. Focus was always on the design related courses and sketching could be spared very little time. 4,328 more words

Design Thinking