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How Seeing and Using Gestures Make Ideas More Memorable

A teacher stands at a white board in front of her fourth-grade class and begins teaching one of math’s most fundamental concepts: the meaning of an equal sign in the middle of an equation. 1,097 more words


Intelligence in the Flesh

Embodied cognition – the emergent mind

Intelligence in the Flesh by Guy Claxton

1 – Limbering Up – an Introduction

At the heart of this book is an argument: that we neglect our bodies because we underestimate their intelligence. 8,673 more words


A Taxonomic Analysis of the NFL

As the fateful showdown between the Eagles and Patriots in Super Bowl LII approaches, I’ve been preoccupied with an infographic I saw during the Falcons-Eagles NFC divisional game. 3,727 more words

Is Human AI Possible?

 I was speaking with someone I had just met the other day about the possibilities of real artificial intelligence – the sort that is generally called “strong AI.”  “It’s not a matter of whether we can or can’t do it,” she said, “it’s just a matter of when.”   1,173 more words


Mirror Neurons - Embodied Cognition

Authors: Di Pellegrino, G., Fadiga, L., Fogassi, L., Gallese, V., & Rizzolatti, G.

Year: 1992

Title: Understanding motor events: a neurophysiological study

Summary: Research emitting from the University of Parma in the 1990s changed cognitive science forever. 274 more words

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