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The Forces Between Us

By Lorraine V. Cuddeback

The first time I fell in love, it was with Baltimore. I spent four years walking the streets of that city — being sure to know the “safe” places to go. 1,410 more words

Theology And Culture

Reports for the eSMCs project (2011-2014)

The project eSMCs: Extending SensoriMotor Contingencies to Cognition (1/2011-12/2014, EU FP7-ICT-2009-6 no: 270212) has recently come to an end. You can find more information on the project website. 112 more words

Enactive Approach

Final stretch

So a completed draft is done; it’s still twice as long as it should be but this version is reasonably….good*, I think? I’ll keep it for something else in the future. 165 more words


Interview in Revue de Éducation Physique et Sport

A conversation about enaction, sports and embodiment with sport science researchers for issue 362 of the Revue de Éducation Physique et Sport. (Click image for full pdf).


Reading "Women" by Laury Silvers

My friends make my life difficult. They make me see what I could not see before. Kecia Ali, Aisha Geissinger, Karen Ruffle and Kathleen Self taught me how to read for gender in the classical texts I use for my academic work. 1,171 more words


5D Girl Starseed Diaries - Uranus and Magnetic Reversals

In mid-November the 5D Girl team worked with Uranus on magnetic reversals. These are bringing in magnetic adjustments which are expressing through multiple layers, including at a cellular level. 907 more words

5th Dimension

5D Girl Diaries - The human body and multi-dimensional horizontal awareness fields

Imagine this. Connect to the heart of Gaia, then connect to the stars – now lie down and experience all that on the horizontal – except that you are still standing up. 1,254 more words

5th Dimension