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"You Look Trim" and Resisting the Tyranny of Thinness by Xochitl Alvizo

I caught myself reinforcing the norm. The ever present default of focusing on women’s body size and prioritizing their weight gain and loss. I did this with a colleague/friend of mine. 809 more words


Can Good Theology Change the World? Part 3: Embodied Theology by Carol P. Christ

In an earlier blog I asserted that one of the hallmarks of good theology is understanding that the only valid source of authority is to be found in individuals and communities that continually interpret and reinterpret texts and traditions in new situations. 1,298 more words


Digging My Well by Joyce Zonana

I write this from the heart of a ten-day silent yoga retreat deep in central Virginia.  The peace within and without fills me as I gaze over the James River, meandering through its wide valley, thickly carpeted in green.   1,079 more words


Adieu 5D Girl blog - welcome Oneness.team - a shift has taken place

Two time trines have just separated and we have entered a higher eternity. Two worlds. The emphasis has shifted. A shift has taken place. We have entered a phase of new and accelerated expansion to beyond the beyond. 462 more words


What Will the Faith Response to Zika Be? by Katey Zeh

In the face of the Zika epidemic the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new recommendations for individuals at risk of contracting the virus either through mosquito bites or through sexual contact with an infected person. 616 more words


The Tension of Opposites: Love, Chaos, & the Wild Vortex by Christy Croft

“Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that a high tolerance for ambiguity, ambivalence, and a tendency to think in opposites are characteristics researchers have found common among creative people in many different fields. 1,000 more words