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Breastfeeding and the Abject? by Sara Frykenberg

Once upon time formula companies and complicit medical experts launched a serious campaign to sell more formula, telling a generation of mothers that this product was both superior to breast milk and far better for baby and mother. 1,235 more words


To Know Her Is to Love Her by Joyce Zonana

“As my mother passed from this life, she was surrounded by a great matrix of love. As she died I began to understand that I too am surrounded by love and always have been. 1,036 more words


A-mazing Grace by Carol P. Christ

A few days ago I received a message out of the blue on Facebook:

Thank you for your accepting my friend request. I am fighting to find my way out of depression during a life transition as I move into retirement from my years of work as an educator.

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Dance Medicine - A Dancing Shaman's Perspective

I love to dance. Before I was trained in other spiritual healing modalities, I was a “dancing shaman”.  My dance training is typical of many dancers and in retrospect my journey was Soul-fully planned. 974 more words

When I Dance I Am I Greek by Carol P. Christ

When I first moved to Greece I spoke of being attracted to a culture in which people express their emotions easily and do not hold on to anger. 930 more words


Enactive sense of agency

A new open access paper discussing the enactive notion of sensorimotor agency and how it helps explain the phenomenology of the sense of agency in a non-representational manner. 289 more words

Enactive Approach

3 Steps To Safely Achieving Sacred Dance Trance

dancing is a unique and personal communication between our inner community and external sound waves. when we allow our dance to express this communication without fear and from our inner core, it breaks through the prisons we tend to re-create for ourselves through daily living, expectations, and other soul diversions. 1,010 more words
Sacred Dance