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A Sickness Unto Death: Hate and Despair

As Christians continue the journey of Lent, and as a great many today celebrate Saint Patrick’s day in a tumultuous, fearful, and sometimes even hateful political and social context, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on the problem of hate.  839 more words

Theology And Culture

Feeling the Earth Move by Carol P. Christ

Magnitude 5.2 earthquake Feb 6, 5:51 AM I awake to the sound of the windows and shutters rattling and the bed moving up and down beneath me for a few seconds. 602 more words


Our Lady of Lourdes: A Healing Pilgrimage

On February 11, 1858, in the small town of Lourdes in southern France, a sickly and impoverished fourteen-year-old girl named Bernadette Soubirous experienced the first of eighteen Marian apparitions at a grotto which would eventually become one of the world’s most popular sites of pilgrimage—particularly for those seeking healing through the intervention of the Blessed Virgin.  1,444 more words

Theology And Culture

As It Might Have Been: Ancestor Stories in the Dreamtime by Carol P. Christ

In the middle of the night in waking sleep, I asked my great-great grandmother Annie Corliss to tell me the story of how she met and married James Inglis. 1,732 more words


Exe(o)rcising the Spirit by Natalie Weaver

Why bother? It’s a legitimate question.  My oldest son, almost 12, announced that he is depressed.  He’s got good reasons for it, so I don’t try to talk him out of it.  1,224 more words


New Year and Sustainable Resolution by Sara Frykenberg

I am writing this blog on New Year’s Day, so Happy New Year! Today I say these words as both a statement of hope and as invocation. 1,032 more words


Ancestor Connection in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Carol P. Christ

In early December 2016 I visited central Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, where my 2x great-grandparents Thomas and Anna Maria Christ and their son George and his family, including my father’s father Irving John, lived for over fifty years. 1,499 more words