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366 Poems: May 25th, 2016

Beautiful Night

Just take in the sight

and know…

know that you’re a star in the making,

a life filled with worth,

an adventurer following daring paths… 43 more words


the first one

Honestly, I don’t know what to write for this one I’veĀ been contemplating what to do and how to do it but then I realised I just have to type up whatever my fingers feel like typing. 170 more words


Change; Some Hate It... I Love It!

When it comes to change I embrace it! I am that person that rearranges the furniture a million times, re-decorates, changes outfits, new purses, updates my nail polish every two weeks and loves new styles, and updates everything with “what’s in” like clock work. 244 more words

Embrace It

Universal Truth: We all have our small differences, things that make us individuals and unique, but when it comes to down to the basics, what we’re made of, our potential, and what we’re born with, we are all the same. 276 more words

Tomorrow's Surprise

Tomorrow is a new day

Yesterday is in the past

Reach forth with excitement

and eagerness to grasp, 

Take ahold of the future

know that it is in your control

the unknown awaits

but the unknown you should know

the truth is in tomorrow

as is happiness

and growth

tomorrow is a new day

go ahead and join the show

Look forward,

not backward

and strive to rise

reach upward,

not downward,

and embrace the surprise

Embracing it today

A lot of the time I am admittedly embarrassed about these- as I am sure a lot of women are. But then I tell myself to stop being so crazy. 113 more words

Wednesday Wisdom - Adversity

I was reading through the transcript of one of Beachbody’sĀ National Wakeup Calls, and the Coach being featured on the call, Vito La Fata, made this really simple statement that hit me like a ton of bricks, and gave me a FANTASTIC new perspective on adversity. 24 more words