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Flowers are awesome. I’ve always loved looking at sunflowers and roses, smelling them and just having them around me. It just makes me so happy. They light up a room. 548 more words

On the Wings of Dragonflies

Coaches and spiritual leaders talk about signs. They tell us to ask for them, and the divine will provide. They tell us to be open to receiving them, and we will see them. 527 more words


Give People a Chance

I don’t know about you but I hate it when taxi drivers talk and then talk endlessly. When I am in a taxi I want to be left alone with my thoughts and as many women are categorized into this category of non-stop talking I can say without any doubt that men have the tendency to speak as much as women does because if not why would they talk when somebody is clearly trying to show that they want to be left alone. 890 more words

Embracing your beautiful age...

Being in mid-forties, a lot of things are happening to us. Your hair starts to gray, your eyes start weaking, your bones may start cracking , and so on. 298 more words

Is it just me?

How is everybody else not absolutely terrified? Sometimes I go into autopilot and then after a bit too long I suddenly go ‘oh my days, this is my life. 403 more words

Day 1013

February 17, 2017 – Friday

Sometimes happiness is not having to starve just because you’re stationed in a pub.

Yes, that’s peanut butter, protein powder & milk, made in a cocktail shaker. Yum. Haha

100 Happy Days

Tuesday Spotlight: Alondra Rodriguez

Alondra Rodriguez is in her final year of undergrad at Manhattanville College. She keeps herself busy working as an office assistant in two offices on campus, and is always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow. 742 more words