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Loving you: Embrace it.

Self love.
A simple concept; however, it’s a paradoxical one in a society like ours.

We know it’s irrational to poke fun at our own body; proding a lump here, squeezing a roll there, and being horrified at some cellulite. 254 more words

Heart And Soul

What I Love About Sundays

Nothing beats Sunday night, sitting here with babe watching Impratical Jokers, preparing for our upcoming work week with bellies full of a delicious dinner. The rain is falling and the wind is howling… PERFECT October weather and the wind is making some of the windows creek. 77 more words


Good Enough: Thoughts from a Recovering Perfectionist

It was around 1 A.M. on a Monday morning when I began my third rewrite of an English assignment. Normally, I write with confidence, unafraid of making mistakes or soundings foolish. 451 more words


Always Making Time and Embracing the Seasons of Life

Life is busy. Like, can’t remember what day of the week it is when I wake up because my brain is fried, busy. This is when that daily schedule of mine comes in handy. 546 more words


when wanting to want becomes wanting

i am but a cabin boy on choppy waters, land ho(?)
pic somewhat related

writing on an empty stomach
losing juice losing weight but
persisting with what i perceive as lost… 213 more words


Random Thought: Short People Problems

It seems as though the only people that have a problem with me being short is other people. I mean yeah, there was a point in my life when I wished to be anything but short, but now… not so much. 494 more words



Flowers are awesome. I’ve always loved looking at sunflowers and roses, smelling them and just having them around me. It just makes me so happy. They light up a room. 548 more words