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Truthbomb Tuesday - Ups and Downs In Life

Holy dramatic… but you can’t tell me this isn’t true!

No matter who you are, where you are from, how old you are, no matter the circumstances… you are gonna see ups and downs in life. 145 more words


The Power of Moving Alone

When I was 16 I moved to completely new country. To place I have never been, people I have never met and without any of my family. 571 more words


I’m feeling really good about this year, like I just have a really good feeling about how life is coming together.
It is so weird, haha. 433 more words


Day 112 (ish)

Baxter ❤

Yesterday we went out to my aunt’s birthday dinner. Ever since I was young I was kind of the black sheep. Quiet, no one really talked to me anyways, and I dunno I just never really got close to or favorited by anyone. 57 more words

No Filter

Practice: Red Light Meditation

Howdy Funster,

I have been inspired this week to take a risk and meditate while driving. Despite my 20 minute morning and evening practice, I discovered I need more but really who has the time or for that matter, who wants to come to a screeching halt when they are already on the move. 103 more words

Embrace It

Embrace it

Embrace the season that you are in right now. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”Ecclesiastes 3:1; You might be in a difficult situation right now or a really painful season, and you might be thinking “How on earth am I supposed to embrace this moment?” Embracing the moment is not just about rejoicing and smiling each minute of the day, sometimes it’s about weeping and crying out to God and asking why and how and what if. 166 more words


It is NOT a Choice!

I know when it comes to the LGBT community the one thing that is always brought up to us when some sort of hatred is being brought out is “well you chose to do this”. 350 more words