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Charlie Banana Feminine Pads

It would appear January 2018 is all about muff fluff for me! If you’ve already seen my previous posts then you’ll know I’m a huge fan of all things reusable. 680 more words

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The terrible twos...

So Lochryn turned 2 last week – This won’t be the last time I say this, but I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole years since I missed Sherlock because I was in labour… 995 more words

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Dealing with Hypo-pigmintation

What is hypo-pigmentation? Hypo-pigmentation is the loss of skin color. It is caused by melanocyte or melanin depletion, or a decrease in the amino acid tyrosine, which is used by melanocytes to make melanin. 763 more words


Don’t Fight it, Embrace it! *How to win at parenting!

If you’re reading this then you’re probably familiar with that trait most parents have nowadays of googling their kid’s quirks online. “Is it normal if my toddler does…” … 766 more words

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Loving you: Embrace it.

Self love.
A simple concept; however, it’s a paradoxical one in a society like ours.

We know it’s irrational to poke fun at our own body; proding a lump here, squeezing a roll there, and being horrified at some cellulite. 252 more words

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What I Love About Sundays

Nothing beats Sunday night, sitting here with babe watching Impratical Jokers, preparing for our upcoming work week with bellies full of a delicious dinner. The rain is falling and the wind is howling… PERFECT October weather and the wind is making some of the windows creek. 77 more words


Good Enough: Thoughts from a Recovering Perfectionist

It was around 1 A.M. on a Monday morning when I began my third rewrite of an English assignment. Normally, I write with confidence, unafraid of making mistakes or soundings foolish. 451 more words