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Only in Blackpool, the final session!

Our final creative session with Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and artists, Costumologists was filled with ideas for the final look of their pop up museum, which the group have been working on since January. 319 more words

Only in Blackpool - developing content

Last Wednesday, Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and artists, Costumologists completed their fifth and penultimate creative session. This session was focused around content and the stories the pop up museum will tell. 386 more words

Gilding the lily?

I’ve finished the beaded blanket stitch on the edge of the purple square and am very pleased with it. In fact, I’m very happy with the whole overall look. 76 more words

Embroiderers' Guild

A purple square

As usual, I was slightly late to our April Embroiderer’s Guild meeting and so missed the important details about how we had all come to be given an unassuming little piece of heavy damasked fabric which we were told should be lavishly embellished in either purple, silver or gold. 107 more words

Embroiderers' Guild

Pulled Thread Sampler Completed

After the rows of Ripple Stitch I moved on to Cobbler Filling. I love the little windows effect of this and its more geometric look was a good contrast to the more curvy stitch above. 269 more words

Embroiderers' Guild

New work, no photos

Hmmm, I seem to always forget to take photos before I send off finished work. I have decided I must get into the habit, as out of sight, out of mind and I forget totally about them! 568 more words

Embroiderer's Guild

Pulled thread sampler.

Having finished the border for the pulled thread sampler…

…I started to fill it in with a selection of pulled thread stitches. First, Waffle Stitch: 82 more words

Embroiderers' Guild