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New work, no photos

Hmmm, I seem to always forget to take photos before I send off finished work. I have decided I must get into the habit, as out of sight, out of mind and I forget totally about them! 568 more words

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Pulled thread sampler.

Having finished the border for the pulled thread sampler…

…I started to fill it in with a selection of pulled thread stitches. First, Waffle Stitch: 82 more words

Embroiderers' Guild

Embroiderers' Guild session 4 - The Tower rejuvinated!

Our fourth creative session with Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and artists, Costumologists yesterday saw the beginning of the development phase of the project. So far, ideas have been flowing and this session was about defining and developing those ideas. 366 more words

More pulled thread...

Usually once I’ve finished a technique I want to do something else as far away from it as possible, but not so with the pulled thread. 120 more words

Embroiderers' Guild

Bright Ideas!

We held our third creative session with Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and artists, Costumologists¬†yesterday, which marks the halfway point in our journey to create a pop up museum.¬† 261 more words

More pulled thread - triangular stitch and others.

The pulled thread work for my travelling book is coming on nicely. I’ve filled in most of the right hand side and am moving up the left. 57 more words

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Travelling book: pulled thread work

For my first travelling book piece I wanted to use pulled thread work around the sea glass and faux sea glass to look like ripples in the sand. 116 more words

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