DIY Embroidered Hat.

You’ve probably seen embroidered ball caps all over the place.  I think they are a super cute trend!  I’m not a huge hat wearer, but I like to wear them in the summer because I literally hate the sun.   592 more words



Hi everyone! Today, for this itty-bitty little postie, I will be sharing with y’all what I think every pagan and neo-pagan and wiccan and polytheist and *gasps for air * everyone who wants to get crafty ought to have! 438 more words


Floundering...flop, flop

Have you ever felt like you’re in a large room of people and things and you’re spinning around with no direction in mind…no one specific person to talk to…no idea what to do? 798 more words

Hand-embroidering Hearth & Hand Christmas Stockings

Since I found out I was pregnant I have eagerly awaited celebrating Henry’s first Christmas, specifically, getting to pick out a stocking for him to hang. 1,246 more words


Custom Embroidering

title here

  • cost
  • how long they take
  • make sure to put you can do custom orders
  • extra information
  • input what you can embroider(purse,shirts,hoodies,etc)
Britt Of All Trades

Embroidering ; a semi-new hobby and the pieces i have done - August 24, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Thursday post! Today, i am going to be talking about embroidering, which is a hobby of mine that started about six months ago. 84 more words


At home, worth the wait and big plans

‘Working’ from home. Or embroidering for a few hours.

Finding the perfect bedside table. Secondhand. Wooden. White. Cheap. I knew I was waiting for a reason. 14 more words