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Small-scale weaving

On Monday and Tuesday I worked on this piece of embroidery, well, embroidery-scale weaving. I began by drawing an outline (I simply traced around a few different sized circular objects such as lids), then stitched in the warp and weft. 260 more words


Embroidery in Progress

J is for Judas Cradle, just needs the background stitching now.
And below it is a sketch for K is for Keelhauling.
Hand embroidered, approximately 9″ x 12″ parts of my Abecedarian of Demise.


Top Ten Tuesday {Christmas}

When Back to School shopping is in full swing the next logical project rush is Christmas!  September goes too quickly, so now the perfect time to start  ( or continue if you are a really amazing project planner) on your handmade Christmas items for friends and family! 149 more words



I took a break on Sunday, and decided to relax and watch the Airshow planes pass my house.  Annually there is a lovely Airshow at the local (very small) airport just up the road from my home.   143 more words


Thinking about how design ideas develop

Recently I was asked if I go to exhibitions and to shows (like the ‘Festival of Quilts’, mentioned in my last post) to get ideas. I was quite taken aback by the question. 697 more words


No Blog Post for a Month and then Two Come Along at Once.... Here's Some New Work, Shamanic Creatures

I’ve been in Norway in the studio working on some new ‘Shamanic’ creatures.  These will be off to Nashville in a month to take part in the Touched soft sculpture exhibit (info in last post).  30 more words

Halloween Kitty Felt Ornaments

Hello! I put aside my other projects to get to my Halloween ornaments stitched and into my shop before the big holiday rush. I am absolutely happy with the way these turned out and I can’t wait to add a zombie cat and a bat cat to the mix.   16 more words