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Gold work preparation

As some of you know I’m working my way through the royal School of needlework’s certificate in technical hand embroidery.

My canvas work is coming to a close now, so it’s time to prep for the next module, I’ve chosen gold. 21 more words


Lowery stand frame adaptor

I bought a frame adaptor for my Lowery embroidery stand so that I could more easily use a roller frame and embroider larger projects without having to remove and re-position the fabric as much I might otherwise have to do if I used a hoop, and the frame can also easily be moved from side to side without much effort. 145 more words


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my love-ly friends!  Do you have any special plans for today?  I’m afraid it’s work as usual over here, but that is fine with me as the sun is shining.   240 more words


French Knots are Your Friend (and Other Bits of Valentine's Embroidery)

Some day I’m going to get some kind of large metal grid material from the hardware store and some beautiful red silk from the silk store and I’m going to cut that silk into strips and make big French knots in it right through the metal grid and it’s going to be awesome – that beautiful red silk on that industrial metal. 477 more words

Other Holidays

Week 6 of a year in stitches

Week 6 of a year in stitches has seen the addition of a few more little details including a pine cone, acorn and a bit more leaf detail. 29 more words


16th-Century Sweete Bag - Start to Finish

Some time ago, I hinted at a surprise gift I was embroidering for a friend. Two months later, the mailman has done his job and it has finally reached its home overseas. 498 more words


Pop Art Embroidery

I wanted to set myself an embroidery hoop challenge and found a pop art style image I liked online I thought would be a great addition to my wall. 307 more words