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The 100 day project - halfway there!

So it’s day 51 of The 100 Day Project.  I’ve been through the “I love this and never want to stop” phase, the “why on earth did I sign up for this, I hate it” phase, and am currently in  “sometimes this is a pain but I am enjoying it”! 247 more words


Shop update- Little Familiar

The shop has been updated!

I currently have one Little Familiar up in the shop with another 2 in the works. I am open to custom orders if there is a particular color or symbol you are looking for. 21 more words


Jacobean crewel work part 3

Here’s my progress as of last week ( I just realised I had not done an update). My major stitch is long & short , yes that means the bunny.


This and That, and Hello

I hope you all had a great weekend regardless of any “yucky” weather that may have come your way.  Our weekend weather, here in northern Illinois, was grey both days, but only half wet.   373 more words


My Darling is a Little Miffed With Me!

No, not my hubby darling, thank goodness, but my Little Darling, Lucy.  My sweet, smiling Lucy, who never gets upset over ANYTHING, was a wee bit upset with me this morning.   175 more words


Time To Finish.

Time to finish up this shirt which has been awaiting my attention in the cedar chest. It’s tedious, all done in one and two strand, but it will be nice to be able to wear it, so to work! 27 more words


painting the roses red 3

I lost a little interest in this because the cards seemed less challenging than the roses were but I’ve knuckled down this week and one card man is almost finished.