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Saturday's knots

Got a fair amount done yesterday. Might not get much done today, thanks to assholes and fireworks, who didn’t stop until 3 this morning. :snarl:
As of yesterday, 44 skeins used.


Challenge mix media : les créations

Nous avions tout le mois de juin pour travailler sur les gravures de Brigitte.

Les réactions à ce défi furent très enthousiastes, mais aussi dans l’interrogation ? 753 more words


It's Officially Summer

Today marked the Last Day of School for my older kiddo. He’s been so excited, probably because of the promise of parties and the sweet things that go with them! 368 more words


The Goozeberry Jar is now in 3D!

So I should have posted this a week or two ago, but here it is now…my first Goozeberry-style piece of 3D work. And it is of course a stuffed, hanging head – what else?As with the embroidery before I tried out my own designs, I had done a couple of stuffed textile projects out of books, but this is the first one following my own design (and rules, probably; I’m new at this). 69 more words


First year

I finally finished my first year of uni! Yay! It’s only a whole year later than I had originally intended.
This last assignment nearly destroyed me! 221 more words


"Fit for a Princess" is Something New for Talyssa

I was looking back at the last outfits that I’ve made for Talyssa and saw that she needed something softly colored.  For some reason I tend to make her brightly colored ensembles, so I looked through my fabrics and found something soft and sweet for her. 99 more words


H is for Hanging

H is for Hanging. approximately 9″ x 12″ hand embroidered work in progress.