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Embroidery Sampler Stitch #5: Danish Knots

I have a couple administrative things to cover really quick… First, I’m moving the sampler posts to Thursdays starting next week — it’ll work better schedule-wise for me. 598 more words


Embroidery Sampler Stitch #3: Crown Stitch

Last week we learned the awesome feather stitch for the diamond embroidery stitch sampler. This week we’re working on crown stitch. It’s nice as a background stitch or, in straight rows, as a border. 271 more words


Embroidery Sampler Stitch #1: Pekinese Stitch

Last week, I traced and outlined the embroidery sampler patterns in backstitches, so this week I played with new stitch number 1. I decided to start out on the diamond-shaped sampler, for no other reason than I dig it. 549 more words


Color choice while making patterns and winter updates

Still no newts. Still no turtles. Pond
frozen over. There are raccoon tracks in the snow, which is interesting, and a number of intriguing holes, but the only thing really doing much right now are large flocks of freeloading birds and the moss. 123 more words

Sketchbook pages: 12 Mushrooms

Happy Monday! Today I thought I’d show you a page from my sketchbook. I’ve been drawing mushrooms a lot lately, and I’m pretty happy with how this all-mushroom page turned out. 71 more words


A Year of Embroidery Stitches

I’ve learned so many beautiful embroidery stitches over the years, but I mostly use the same five over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with them — backstitch, stem stitch, French knots, and chain stitch are awesome. 214 more words