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We finally got some rain this Sunday. It has been weeks since it has rained.

We’re coming up on the rainy season here in SoFlo. Well, what used to be the rainy season. 154 more words


Sneaky peek at my 'almost' finished quilt for cats 🐾

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Happy crafting :)

who's next?

The past few months I’ve struggled with working consistently on any one project.   Bouncing from embroidering to piecing, to quilting, to knitting.  None of my works in progress are getting the attention they deserve.  334 more words


So much to do and little time to do it in!

*** Mea Culpa – I realized that I never gave photo credit’s, where they were due! I have now corrected this error!

I mentioned, a few posts back, that I’ve accepted an apprenticeship at Birka, but I really didn’t say much else. 696 more words


Summer Embroidery

With summer just around the corner, these bags are the perfect accessory for any occasion whether it be a casual bbq with friends to a night out in Spinning Fields with the chicks. 58 more words



Nothing better than a long weekend in (almost) Winter embracing the nanna-lyf.

This iteration of such a lifestyle, was done on denim with white pen base illustration as a marker. 27 more words