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All Things Alice: What has she got in her pockets?

Everyone’s gone Alice mad! It’s been 150 years since Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first published.  And on Saturday July 4th it’s Alice’s Day… 1,220 more words


a garden of soft and soporific blue...........

Sadly these soft dreamy inducing hues are now but a distant memory, a struggling to remember dream when the garden was gentle and blue….while the rosemary flowers  last they’re gathered to use in the kitchen, delicate tasting  blossoms are picked and scattered over warm pasta dishes and salads… each year I think about making biscuits (and always forget) …..now the rosemary is bare for another year but on hot days there’s almost a haze of scent around it…pungent and strongly perfumed oils fill the garden from one, not even particularly large, little bush. 492 more words


Saturday's knots

Got a fair amount done yesterday. Might not get much done today, thanks to assholes and fireworks, who didn’t stop until 3 this morning. :snarl:
As of yesterday, 44 skeins used.


Free Pattern: Three Patronuses

Three Patronuses

7″ embroidered

It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared anything other than Talk to Me Tuesday here on Sewhooked and Project of Doom… 77 more words

Harry Potter