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Embroidery Is Addicting

NOEL. It’s only a four letter word, but today it contains 533 individual stitches. That’s a lot of work to make a four letter word. I’m having fun, though, and I’m realizing there is no limit to what I can do. 34 more words


Tea Towel Set

Hey everyone, I wanted to share a project that has been completed but I have not been able to share until I was able to give this project as a gift. 62 more words

365 Day Challenge

The embroidery

Dear friends!

Do you have hobby? What about embroidery?

In the old times embroidered mainly girls, because they were not allowed to do anything in the field. 276 more words


Art in a Cap

In Dar es Salaam, Muslim men often covered their heads with intricately embroidered caps. The stitching made them stiff so they sat perfectly on the proud owner’s head. 14 more words

East Africa

Trees moving along 

Posting from a cell phone in Reykjavik is tricky, but here goes. Getting there. Needs work. Not enough snow. But that’s fine, got four more months to work on it.

Back to vacation.


Daffodil Embroidered Pillowcase with Crocheted Edging

Back before we could order on line I would shop by catalog.  One of my favorites was Hershner’s Catalog for crafts.  Each year for Christmas I would buy a surprise box of stamped embroidery items.   200 more words


WIP - leaves and Watercress

I completed the pair of Viola leaves and the light green Watercress leaf.

Stitches used for the viola leaves are Satin, Stem and Straight and the pale leaf= Fly stitch. 234 more words