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Random thoughts from the valley

Ten days ago we found out that our babies had died. I’m not even close to being ready to write a nice, neat blog post outlining all that God has taught me through this and how I’m going to move forward from this. 1,906 more words

Spiritual Thoughts

Embryo Adoption: An Authentic Infertility Treatment

The medical science is in the age of progression like never before. Ailments that were incurable now are easily treated; all thanks to medical science progress. 327 more words

Embryo Adoption

Nov 5 - Nothing Interesting

Another month passing without much change. We won’t do the surgery until the next year and we have decided with my new job that we should not be fostering right now. 500 more words

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Woo Hoo! Today I went in to see if my lining looks nice and quiet, and that it does. I usually know this is the case since I don’t get my period anymore without lots of hormones, but whatever, in this case I’ll take it. 228 more words

Embryo Adoption

How being "chosen" changes you: An open letter to my babies' genetic parents

I sent the following message to Jake and Luke’s genetic parents this morning on a whim as the Spirit moved in my heart, and I thought it was worth sharing with everyone, not because I think it was great writing on my part (I’m sure I could have made it better had I taken more time to write it), but because it contains some beautiful truths about embryo donation/adoption and God that I hope you’ll find encouraging in your own journey. 719 more words

Sept 29 - The Results are In

We went to our urologist appointment for our results. I was incredibly nervous about it. We even left early so we could wait at the office instead of at home. 407 more words

Sept 20 - Life Changes

It’s been a while since I’ve written, waiting on our upcoming urologist appointment, but big changes have been happening. I recently was finally offered the position I applied for at my company this week. 493 more words