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Making Eye Contact With Jesus

It’s been three months since we transferred a little embryo to my uterus, hoping and praying and believing Jesus that He would give life to that baby. 712 more words

3 Ways Instagram Changed My Life

Instagram changed my life – it’s true. If you’re not in the know, Instagram is a social media app people use to share pictures with their friends or other people who have like interests. 620 more words

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Miracles Waiting- An Honest Review

In my last blog post I tried to be upbeat about Miracles Waiting. I had just shelled out $150 to join, but in reality I was feeling anything but upbeat about it. 520 more words


Embryo Adoption: The First Steps

Alrighty folks! It’s go time! After taking time to think and pray about embryo adoption we have decided what our first step will be.

Let me back up a bit here. 791 more words


For the fear of it

“It” first entered my life in 2006 and my thought…NO WAY! That is crazy! I wouldn’t do that! I know I spoke those words out loud to my sister-in-law, behind the wheel of my white Saturn, driving south on Interstate 75 from Ooltewah, TN, I remember the conversation well. 904 more words

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5 Reasons We Chose Embryo Adoption Over Traditional Adoption

Did you know that over 500,000 babies live in freezers across the United States? Yes, that’s right, freezers. They’re embryos that have been cryo-preserved after a round of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). 972 more words

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Special Snowflakes

First, fair warning… this post is just chock full o’ morbid musings. Something that’s been on my mind lately is the question of “What do we do with our other embryos, and when do we do it?” When you use donor eggs, you sign a very long contract (I’m guessing you sign one for any assisted reproduction procedure, really). 1,263 more words