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June 19 - Realization

This week my hubby’s best friend got engaged. A year and half ago his best friend had come out for his little sister’s wedding. He was a mess. 261 more words

A Long Journey!

This is one of the hardest posts I’ve shared.  It is scary to put this out there, but I feel as though God is calling me to share our story.   1,079 more words


May 21 - Vitamins Galore

I spent a lot of time doing research in the last week or so. I read the book “It Starts with the Egg” which gets rave reviews in my IVF Support group on Facebook. 545 more words

An open letter to Baby Bee Hummingbirds

Dear Baby Bee Hummingbirds,

The craftsmanship of your jewelry is stunning. I love the way some of your pieces sparkle, particularly the ones with the golden flakes, which seem to reflect the light around them and draw the eye. 501 more words

Embryo Adoption

Our journey toward embryo adoption: What we're doing

This post is already 18 months in the making, and part of me can’t believe that I’m actually typing this. But I am, here we are, and here’s what we’re doing. 926 more words

Making Belief Practical

April 29 - Interesting News

As of a couple of weeks ago we turned our open bed off (came off the list as they say) for fostering. We were very close to just saying we are done and closing our license permanently. 265 more words