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does it ever end?

well, just when i thought my {in}fertility journey was over, it’s not.  i overlooked one detail… what in the world are we to do with our extra frozen embryos?   1,277 more words


May 6 - Mother's Day

It’s May once again. Sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and everywhere you turn you are confronted with ads for Mother’s Day. Jewelry, flowers, clothing. 361 more words

Long Time, No See!

I’m not at fickle at life as I am at blogging. Luckily.

Life got busy, as it does, and its slowing down a bit now, as it does. 373 more words

Everyday Life

The Lil' Embryo That Could...

It has been a while that I have come into this space. When I first started this blog, it was meant for educating the world of infertility and also a space for me to write down all of my feelings; fears, accomplishments, daily motions that go along with the dreaded infertility. 1,124 more words

Embryo Adoption

March 29 - Hope Floats (not the movie)

Since my last post I went to the gyno and had them check me out. I was still getting negative tests and still no period. I was not pregnant. 119 more words

Embryo Transfer Day

Today was the big day! A bittersweet day, colored with lament, and joy, and hope!

Three of our babies did not make it to today. We know they are in the loving arms of Jesus. 308 more words

"How we adopted our family"

Thank you to Your Baby Magazine for featuring our ‘Story of Love’ this month! I gladly accept opportunities to share our adoption journey – it allows me to stretch my head above the ‘day to day’ rushing to the shops to buy more milk on route to fetching kids from school, right before refereeing the “teacher teacher” game gone awry ( 296 more words