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Jan 11 - Having to Change Agencies

I tried to reach out to our foster care agency in December to let them know January 3rd we wanted to open our bed again (make our home available for a foster kiddo). 436 more words

A Little Bit More About Our Embryo Donation Decision

Yesterday I shared that we said no to the donor embryo’s.  But, I neglected to mention a few things, because I felt it most important to share that we had made a decision.  692 more words


We Said No

It took us months. In many ways this decision has been scary for me because it feels so final. In fact, once we made the decision it took me a full two weeks before I could tell them. 609 more words


The Possibility of Saying No

So the big question on my mind today is if we turn down the donor embryos, will we/I regret it for the rest of my life? 410 more words


Grappling With Major Life Decisions

Mr. MPB and I had a very good heart to heart last night.  We started talking about how my emotions around his brother’s pregnancy announcement… 719 more words


Resurfacing Hurt

Some people may remember over a year ago some of our family members told us they were expecting. They did it in what I still think was an unbelievably cruel and insensitive way, so insensitive in fact that if there were an award for least supportive and compassionate people, I’d award it to them. 914 more words


Nov 28 - Surviving the Holidays

Well hello there readers. I hope you are all surviving the holidays. Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope your went well.

My brother-in-law flew in for three days and we ended up taking him and my hubby’s mom out to dinner Wednesday night instead of cooking. 485 more words