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August 2 - Halfway through Tests

While trying to figure out our next steps we are doing some urological tests for my hubby. So far we did one where they will be checking his dna fragmentation in his semen. 314 more words

July 20th - Vivid Dream

Before bed I wanted to be what I call an emotional cutter and pee on a stick. For some reason I was really hopeful we were pregnant. 606 more words

July 13 - Urologist Appointment

Last week we were on vacation so we had decided to go to a urologist, since we have male factor and they didn’t run any real tests on my hubby at the RE when we were doing IVF. 623 more words

Sharing the love: Genetic fam meets Jake and Luke

I love how loved my babies are.

Not only are we crazy about them, but their genetic family seems to be pretty keen on them too. 389 more words

Why Embryo Adoption?

My wife and I are pursuing embryo adoption. If you’re unfamiliar with embryo adoption, I encourage you to read my wife’s blog post on the the subject, … 477 more words

June 19 - Realization

This week my hubby’s best friend got engaged. A year and half ago his best friend had come out for his little sister’s wedding. He was a mess. 261 more words

A Long Journey!

This is one of the hardest posts I’ve shared.  It is scary to put this out there, but I feel as though God is calling me to share our story.   1,079 more words