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April 16 - Easter

We have taken ourselves off the foster care list. It was a hard decision but easy at the same time. We were on the list for almost ten weeks without a placement. 452 more words

Shooting Stars

It was a crisp, clear night along the shores of Saint Lawrence Gap in Barbados. We were right at that sweet spot in a vacation when you have been away from the stresses of everyday life for long enough to gorget them, and yet you’re still far away from thoughts of going home again. 1,793 more words

Infertility Ethics: Part II

In my last post about Infertility Ethics, I explained the main two stances Christians take on this issue. Here I plan on going a little more in depth about a few other issues to consider. 626 more words

Theological Thursday

Infertility Ethics: Frozen Embryos

Someone asked me a few months ago how I felt about embryo adoption. I told them I knew about it, but did not have a strong stance on it either way. 930 more words

Theological Thursday

Jan 26 - Feeling Defeated

This morning I am writing a letter to my congressman in the hopes that he will vote down the newly proposed personhood bill. If this bill passes, IVF will be illegal in the US. 405 more words

Jan 11 - Having to Change Agencies

I tried to reach out to our foster care agency in December to let them know January 3rd we wanted to open our bed again (make our home available for a foster kiddo). 436 more words