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10 weeks

We had another ultrasound yesterday at 10w2d. The baby was perfect again! The heartbeat was 175bpm this time. I think my anxiety had a lot to do with it being so high last time (186 bpm). 289 more words

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Are you going to adopt again? (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, click here and then come back over to read Part 2. Otherwise, you might be a little lost.

As I mentioned in my last post, we have a lot of options to become parents, including: 804 more words


8 weeks

We had our first ob appointment for this pregnancy yesterday (8w4d). Needless to say, I was terrified (we found out at our 8week appt that we lost the first one). 212 more words

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Week 7

God is so good!! It seems like I am starting all of my posts this way but it’s true.

We had another ultrasound yesterday(7w2d) and the heartbeat was 157bpm. 226 more words

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Week 6

We had our week 6 ultrasound & bloodwork yesterday. We were both about to have a panic attack in the waiting room. It was taking longer than usual to be called for the ultrasound. 155 more words

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Week 5

We had our week 5 ultrasound yesterday and saw the gestational & yolk sacs. Next week we should see the fetal pole and heartbeat.

If we are able to see the heartbeat next week, then I will be released from the re and will be seen by my obgyn on Nov. 204 more words

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Repeat beta results

God is so GOOD! My 2nd beta was 400. My first beta was 77 (4 days ago) so it more than doubled.

They also took a look at my lining and it still looked good. 87 more words

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