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Maybe this sounds weird...

A few short years ago… I was told I would never have children. I was told many things and to sum it all up it came down to… unexplained infertility and male factor. 481 more words

Embryo Donation

Is the law really the best way to deal with incest?

IT’S been hailed as the latest landmark in assisted reproduction: the arrival of a healthy baby who was conceived almost a quarter of a century earlier. 99 more words


How being "chosen" changes you: An open letter to my babies' genetic parents

I sent the following message to Jake and Luke’s genetic parents this morning on a whim as the Spirit moved in my heart, and I thought it was worth sharing with everyone, not because I think it was great writing on my part (I’m sure I could have made it better had I taken more time to write it), but because it contains some beautiful truths about embryo donation/adoption and God that I hope you’ll find encouraging in your own journey. 719 more words

We’ve been busy. Ronin (2 years) needed TPLO surgery. I was fortunate enough to get him into a clinical trial at LSU which helped some with the costs.

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You Need to Know This before Considering Embryo Donation UK!!!

For many coupled experiencing problems in conceiving, embryo donation is one of the available options they have. It gives them a chance to experience joys and excitements that come with pregnancy. 219 more words

Embryo Donation UK

We’ve been busy. Still don’t have any answers, we go in Friday for that appointment. We have taken in a foster pup. She is sweet and was at one time loved.

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10 New Ways to Afford Fertility Treatments

Before the birth of her daughter, Aurora, in 2016, Heather Huhman, host of the podcast Beat Infertility and founder of content-marketing firm Come Recommended, went through seven cycles of in vitro fertilization (IVF), suffered four miscarriages and gave birth to stillborn twins, Eric and Alexis. 180 more words