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Sharing the love: Genetic fam meets Jake and Luke

I love how loved my babies are.

Not only are we crazy about them, but their genetic family seems to be pretty keen on them too. 389 more words

Tiny Itsy Bitsy Gifts, Free(-ish) to Good Homes

Hello, again! It’s been some time, hasn’t it? Hope you’ve all been well. Baby, mom, dad, and all family are doing great!

We are excited to say that we’re donating our remaining embryos to two other families! 900 more words

Third-party Reproduction

You know, you can find about anything on the web. In the infertility world it can dominate your day sometimes. “I’ll get to that laundry after I read this article on what foods will ensure implantation.” “Dinner’s done, but I need to finish researching dairy vs no dairy and implantation.” Talk about time consuming or brain draining, or 17 other problems that you may or may not imagine.

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So today I start the estrogens, aka the hard stuff. I say that relatively since this is not a retrieval but an FET. I’m ready to get this party started and live in a dream world for the rest of my life.

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No idea what happened to this one but alas here it is again.

Today is the day we got our calendar. Waiting in the room to go back so I can have my USI done and go over everything with the doctor.

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I’m ready to get this show on the road. I began Leupron injections Monday. I had my scratch test on Tuesday. I don’t know if my uterus is extra sensitive or what the deal is, but it does not like this test.

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Updated donor conception resources

Congratulations to the Donor Conception Network for the awesome work updating one of your fantastic resources about donor conception.  These resources are clear and user friendly. 51 more words