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Ah... Sweet Heartbeat

And what a glorious sound it was!  We only heard it for a few seconds because I moved my hand up to my face in astonishment like whoaaaaaa!!!   365 more words

No more Moo

On the advice of my acupuncturist, I am giving up dairy for this cycle.  I am drinking my last Timmy’s half dark roast/half decaf with a teeny bit of milk as I type this.  464 more words

For the shared love of a girl

Back when I first started talking about the Buddy Walk, Laurie – you may remember being introduced to her family last August – contacted me to say they were thinking about making the trip to Tennessee to join us for the event this year. 614 more words

Our Story

Poor, Neglected Blog

Well, folks, here I am in the third trimester. I didn’t blog for most of the second trimester. It’s not that I didn’t have a lot to say, but rather I was saying it in different forum. 1,218 more words

Welcome to the World

Dearest Two of My Children,

Welcome to the world. I love you.

Forever Yours,



The Million Dollar American Family

I was congratulated on my “million dollar family” earlier this week. I got all giddy because I thought I had won the lottery, and wouldn’t a million dollars come in pretty handy with two babies on the way? 725 more words

Rachel Dolezal Stole My Word

I have a bone to pick with Rachel Dolezal. I don’t care one iota that she’s white and lives life as a black woman. That’s between her and her employers and just not my business. 445 more words