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Why Choose Open Embryo Donation?

Angela Krueger explains some of the benefits of choosing open embryo donation as compared with anonymous embryo donation. 753 more words

Assisted Reproduction

Consult & Next Steps

We are overwhelmed by the support we received after announcing we were pursing embryo adoption. We truly feel blessed how many people we have in our corner rooting for us! 508 more words

Moving Forward: Fertility Specialist Phone Consult

Recently I had my new patient appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist who is in Arizona. Having your first appointment with a fertility specialist is awkward, but plan on doubling the awkwardness if it’s a phone consultation. 444 more words

More Than Infertile

Big Update!

We have been overwhelmed lately with the outpouring of support towards our family and our efforts towards growing our family through adoption. It is truly great to see that there is still so much love in this world, and no matter if you are family or friend, we love you all. 390 more words

When Is an Embryo a Fetus?

According to North Dakota law, an embryo is always a fetus. Science be damned, I guess.

As it turns out, it’s illegal for my husband and I, as residents of North Dakota, to donate our embryos for stem cell research. 110 more words

Embryo Donation

A book for baby: "Treasure Babies"

Sometimes the greatest miracles are the ones that start out as major maydays!

Join Strive, Ora, and their fishy friends as they struggle against the tide through the pain of infertility and discover the hope that doctors can bring, the miracle of new life, and the beauty of shared treasure. 67 more words

Embryo Adoption

Waiting Isn't Easy, But It's Worth It.

When I started my blog in May of this year, Rob gave me wise advice: “Don’t blog everything at once, or you’ll run out of stuff to talk about.” So I’ve tried to keep track of everything that is going on and spread it out over time, but it’s hard keeping everything straight. 707 more words

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