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Repeat beta results

God is so GOOD! My 2nd beta was 400. My first beta was 77 (4 days ago) so it more than doubled.

They also took a look at my lining and it still looked good. 87 more words

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2nd beta tomorrow

We go for our second beta tomorrow & an ultrasound to check my lining. I am so scared that my beta will not have doubled properly or even have gone down. 61 more words

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I can’t believe it…we are pregnant again! Beta was 77 today which is 8dp5dt.

We’ve got a long way to go. I pray this baby will stick around for the long haul! 61 more words

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Transfer # 3

Our third transfer went good. Nothing unusual. We transferred 1 day 5 blastocyst. Our RE said it was a good looking embryo. Hopefully our third time will be a charm and be our bring home baby!

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Lining check, transfer & butt shots

I had another lining check on Fri. My lining jumped up to 10.4 (it was 7.8 on Monday). This is the best it has ever been. 194 more words

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First lining check for FET #3

I had my first lining check for this cycle yesterday. I started meds a week & half ago & my lining is already at 7.8 & triple striped. 95 more words

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Baseline appt

Baseline went well & we started meds yesterday.

This cycle I will be taking 1- baby aspirin daily, 2- estrace tabs daily (vaginally unless they cause irritation like the first time), 4- vivelle patches 2 times a week, .2 ml delestrogen 2 times a week & 5u- Lupron daily. 393 more words

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