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Processing My Thoughts

It has been a hard month for me to process all the different thoughts that have been flowing through my head.  About a week after my doctor’s office froze our one sole embryo, we had a follow up call with him to discuss the way ahead. 556 more words

And Stalling Out Again

I’ve had 4 appointments in the past 4 days. At each appointment I’ve had an ultrasound and we have found that over the past 4 days my follicles have not grown at all. 172 more words

Starting Up Again

It’s that time again. My cycle has started anew and we are now going through our 2nd frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle. I had my baseline ultrasound yesterday morning and started my medications. 385 more words

Should we try for another baby?

We have 3 frozen embryos left. I don’t think of them much really but last week I got the bill for their “rent”, which is $400/yr. 376 more words


First egg collection and OHSS - what to expect

Before the procedure
We were instructed to arrive at the hospital at 8.40am to complete some paperwork, finalise surgery fees ($500 for the procedure) and prepare for the egg collection. 1,127 more words


Chaotic cleavage of older eggs could be the cause of reduced fertility

It’s common knowledge that as a woman ages, her fertility drops. What is it about the age of an egg that could stop you getting pregnant? 907 more words


Vaccine Animal Cells: Bird, Pig, Cow, Dog, Monkey, Mouse, Worm & Insect DNA Used in Vaccines

By Makia Freeman | The Freedom Articles

Vaccine animal cellare a disturbing but frequently overlooked aspect of the whole vaccination issue. Fortunately, there has been a wide-growing awareness of the many toxic ingredients and adjuvants used in vaccines (see here for a list of the… 1,656 more words