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UK scientists gain licence to edit genes in human embryos

Scientists in London have been granted permission to edit the genomes of human embryos for research, UK fertility regulators announced. The 1 February approval by the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) represents the world’s first endorsement of such research by a national regulatory authority. 142 more words


10 More Days


I can’t believe we are 10 DAYS AWAY from our FET! I’m starting to get nervous, excited, anxious but most of all I am READY to get those babies home! 178 more words

Our Fertility Process


What’s that you say? 8DP3DT? Ah sorry, IVF speak!

In layman’s terms it means I am 8 days past a 3-day transfer. Or, more simply, it’s been 8 days since I had two 3-day–old embryos popped into my womb! 721 more words


Embryos: and then there were none

I wish I could talk to her about it, so I’m posting the last picture I have with my grandmother. That was 2011. Her name was Ruth. 399 more words

Scientists Receive Approval to Genetically Engineer Human Embryos

By Derrick Broze | The Anti Media

London, England — While many people are focused on the effects of genetically engineered food, concerns over genetically modified human embryos are also growing — and some fear the technology could lead to the creation of “designer babies.” 410 more words



TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!! You guys, two weeks from today I will be PREGNANT!!! I literally can’t even handle the excitement! I pray these next 14 days FLY BY! 798 more words

Our Fertility Process

Ethicists approve ‘3 parent’ embryos to stop diseases, but congressional ban remains

An elite panel of scientists and bioethicists offered guarded approval Wednesday of a novel form of genetic engineering that could prevent congenital diseases but would result in babies with genetic material from three parents. 801 more words

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