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DNA of Human Embryos Edited for 1st Time in US

A team of researchers in Oregon have become the first to attempt to create genetically modified human embryos in the United States. The team reportedly demonstrated they could eliminate diseases in offspring with CRISPR. 515 more words


Links from the last week

Read a lot of interesting stuff this week, but much of it in tweet or book form – harder to share this way then, let’s see what we have. 552 more words


Transfer Day Feelings

Today is transfer day! And while I am excited I’m also kind of terrified. I’ve realized that in general I’ve mostly only posted positive things on here about all of the procedures. 289 more words

One More Time

At my last ultrasound on last Friday afternoon we found that I had 4 follicles ready and my lining was perfect. I really think the pomegranate juice makes a difference. 243 more words

Progress #3 – Egg Collection & Day 1 Update

Last week my lining was measuring 11 mm and my follicles were growing evenly. I had some symptoms related to stimulation. The worst of them were bloating, fatigue, headaches and nausea. 454 more words


The call came today. PGS testing results.

The phone rang at 3:00 p.m. and my gut just knew it was going to be disappointing.  And it was.  The nurse almost immediately said she was not calling with good news and I appreciated her getting right to the point.   621 more words