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Genetically modified human embryos - Is it really possible?




(CRISPR)-associated system (Cas) have been in the news almost daily off-late; it is widely used to modify genes in model systems including animal zygotes and human cells, and hold tremendous promise for both basic research and clinical applications. 507 more words


Hello Again Mumbai

Hi all, it’s Cat finally getting round to long overdue updates and fill in the blanks from Tusks detailed posts on some of the admin stuff we had to complete in Mumbai. 325 more words


A girl can dream, can't she?

It’s been two and a half weeks since surgery and I guess I am just about healed. About a week after surgery I had an incident in the bathroom, long story short I fell in my bathroom, knocked myself unconscious for probably 10 minutes or so. 785 more words


Day 6 - How the mighty have fallen

We got our final update today. From having seven yesterday (well, six plus one that we knew wouldn’t make it) we have TWO. Are you fucking kidding me? 142 more words


Sofia Vergara's Ex Is Taking Her To Court Over Her Embryos

Just when you thought you have heard it all when it comes to celebrity lawsuits. Sofia Vergara’s ex is taking her to court over her embryos.  152 more words

Embabies Day 5 Update

We got our day five update this morning. Surprisingly, I haven’t been on edge every moment wondering what has been going on with our little ones. 162 more words