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It's the final countdown...

I’m pretty sure I had a different title picked out yesterday and it felt more inventive.  Perhaps I’ll think of it in a bit.  Yesterday, at 7:45 AM sharp (well, who are we kidding, I was there 15 minutes prior), I went in to the doctor.   661 more words


A Chinese couple died in a car crash. Four years later, their baby was born

In March 2013, Shen Jie and Liu Xi were on the cusp of starting a family – a scheduled in vitro fertilization procedure was only days away – when the Chinese couple’s car slammed into a tree in Jiangsu province. 664 more words


Chinese baby born four years after parents' death in car crash

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

A baby boy whose parents were killed in a car crash has been born via a surrogate in China

A surrogate mother has given birth to a baby boy in China four years after his parents died in a car crash, Chinese media reported. 498 more words

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Putting all of our eggs in my basket

Although the results from our first egg retrieval were a bit disappointing, we tried our best to see the bright side and realized these were two opportunities we could never have on our own. 1,048 more words


Gloria Allred Represents Women In Fertility Lawsuit

(Cleveland, OH) – Women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred is representing three women who are suing University Hospitals after thousands of eggs and embryos at a fertility clinic were destroyed. 130 more words

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Why two brains are better than one

A radical technique that induces mature cells act like stem cells is growing a mini brain from tissue I donated. One day it could create whole organs for transplant… 1,969 more words