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Researcher Calls for Animal-Human Embryo Research to Proceed, but with Strong Animal Protections

In a World View opinion column published in Nature, a Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine researcher calls for animal-human embryo research to proceed – but only with strong animal protections in place. 560 more words

Obama Admin for Human-Animal Hybrids

The Obama administration recently announced it has flung the door wide open to scientists making grisly human-animal hybrids. After overturning the Bush administration limits on forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research, this is the latest move by President Barack Obama to manipulate and destroy human life in unethical experiments. 477 more words

Programmable Biology Has Begun

Cloned embryo.

Most of us like the idea of superpowers. Though we may never have the strength of Superman, we could be made stronger, faster, and even better-looking, with total control over our genome, or genetic makeup. 836 more words

Here we go again

Had my FET today. Interesting thing happened that didn’t occur last time during my fresh cycle. My embryo started hatching just before we did the transfer.   105 more words


Human-Animal Hybrids and Human Dignity

Human-animal hybrids? No longer is it simply the stuff of science fiction. On August 4th, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released a proposed policy that would lift the longstanding moratorium on the taxpayer funding of certain experiments creating embryos that are part human, part animal, known as “chimeras,” and even letting them grow into adult form. 557 more words

Filling up the freezer

The final embryo count is in and I am delighted to report that we are freezing 15 blastocysts! I honestly NEVER anticipated such a high number and it has blown my mind! 161 more words


Grow babies grow

Well. There you have it. Two perfect little embryos inside my uterus right now. Hoping one of them attaches (or both) and grows into a healthy strong baby. 34 more words