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RIP, Pokey the Embryo

So, on Day 5 of this cycle, we had 2 blasts and 1 morula that was lagging behind.  We called it Pokey the Embryo, because it was slow.   87 more words

Cycle 2, Day 5

Two embryos made blastocyst stage and were biopsied and frozen.  One is still a morula and the embryologist will give it until Wednesday to develop.

Cycle 2, Day 3

Lab called.

“Your embryos are beautiful!”  Aw, that’s sweet.

All three are 8-cell, grade 1.  Go, embryos, go!

We won’t hear anything tomorrow, but we will get an update on Monday. 19 more words

Embryos on board!

Holy cow! It’s been SO long since my last post! So much has happened in the last month! It feels like it’s taken forever to get here, but we FINALLY got through the contract phase, all the medical appointments leading up to transfer(all were perfect). 137 more words


Schedule is here! Eek!

It’s arrived…. the schedule that will control our lives from the 28th of April until….?

Well, it’s now confirmed, it’s happening, and medications will be arriving this Friday. 313 more words


Human embryos genetically modified again - this time for HIV resistance

They were trying to genetically modify embryos to be resistant to HIV.

It’s barely been a year since the debate about the ethics of genetically modifying human embryos had started. 742 more words


Letter To My Littlest Love: Acorns, Stars & Other Things

Dear Little Acorn,

You have many nicknames already, most of them generated by your sister. At first, you were Staircase Ball-Jar, followed by Cupcake Christmas Tree. 609 more words