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IVF #2 Fertilization Report

So yesterday I was riding a high of having 9 eggs retrieved.  It seemed like that was a great number for my poor, worn out ovaries.    433 more words


Rolling the Dice

I don’t gamble. I don’t do lotteries or bet on anything and yet I am beginning to wonder that when it comes to fertility treatment, do I have that same compulsion as those people who can’t drag themselves away from slot machines or the roulette wheel? 736 more words

The Big Day

Today we met with our doctor on the results from the PGS testing. Of the 4 embryos being tested, 3 of the 4 had the normal number of chromosomes and are absolutely perfect little darlings! 322 more words

Let's not forget this is an infertility blog.

I came across this article just now, and thought it was a really good read about the infertility stigma.  We all know the struggle of our societies misunderstanding of infertility and judgement of those who don’t form their families in ways that others see fit. 662 more words

20 Questions

While hubby has been at work the past few days, I have been compiling a list of questions to take to our “second opinion” appointment. Just a warning, this list may be quite boring if you are not TTC or battling fertility treatments. 713 more words


The Future of Our Frosties

When it comes to the future of our 3 frosties, should we…

  • Do all Single Embryo transfers (SET’s) meaning transfer only 1 embryo at a time, for a total of 3 possible transfers?
  • 803 more words

IVF#1 Three Days Past Two Day Transfer - 3dp2dt

Today our babies become blastocysts!! This is the last stage of development before they hatch and start implanting! This is what our babies look like today: 627 more words