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Results and a dark cloud 

A dark cloud seems to have enveloped me. I’m not sure I know how else to describe it… Before we go there though, rewind….

When Genea called with our day 5 results, we were knee deep in traffic and sport drop offs. 265 more words

Egg Retrieval and Fertility Report

A lot has happened since my last post.  My last post, I was about to start the medication.

Medication Protocol

I had to give myself daily shots of Follistim and Menopur starting on Sunday 5/10 to help stimulate my ovaries and grow more than one egg. 594 more words


The Momma Bird

I was sitting out in our backyard the other day just watching our pup run around and I noticed we had a new birds nest on the play set. 178 more words


Day 3 Update On The Embies!

I feel like this day came super fast. Not complaining! Just saying!

I actually need a little help from all of you…as some of you have a better understanding of what all this scientific stuff means but here is the update on our 10 embryos that are growing away in the lab. 131 more words


The No-Good-Very-Bad Day

I had a super difficult day yesterday. I woke up with this horrendous headache stemming from my neck all the way up to the base of my skull and completely across my forehead. 399 more words


Lucky Number 10!

So we painfully waited all day and around 3pm my Dr. called with the news of how things progressed after the fertilization process began.

Dr. G: So sorry I’m calling you guys so late in the day. 136 more words


Scientists Create Dinosaur Embryos Out Of Chickens ... Kind Of

As weird as it is to imagine, many scientists say birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Add some feathers to one of Jurassic Park’s raptors (which are NOT scientifically accurate, btw, but that’s another story for another article), and it’s easy to believe. 165 more words