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Things Never Stay the Same

So the name of this game seems to be inconsistency. Our transfer date is no longer January 19, 2017. In fact we no longer know when our transfer date is. 243 more words

Japanese Scientists’ Artificial Eggs Discovery Could Lead to Designer Humans

Japanese scientists report they have successfully created artificially-derived eggs using mouse skin cells, and that some of those eggs could be fertilized with mouse sperm and produce born mice. 500 more words

2nd ERA Biopsy

This morning we had my final biopsy for the ERA test. Wowzer, that was probably the most painful thing I’ve had done this far in our journey. 389 more words

IVF Journey

Taking a Moment

Just thinking about my 3 little ones who didn’t pass PGD testing this week. I didn’t get full details but 2 were unbalanced (not sure which chromosomes) and 1 poor little baby was missing chromosome 22 and had and extra chromosome 19. 115 more words

TTC Drama

A Date is Set

We had an ultrasound today to make sure I didn’t have any cysts we need to worry about before the frozen embryo transfer. Because of the holidays we have to wait until after the New Year for the transfer. 274 more words

Scientists Cloning More Animals May Lead to Human Cloning

Apparently clones of the same dead sheep from which Dolly was manufactured are in good health and aging normally. From the LiveScience story: 463 more words

Fresh or Frozen?

Friday was my first day out of the house for the week!

I went for a scan to see whether the transfer should go ahead on the Saturday or not. 273 more words