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Day Three Report

The embryologist called this morning. Five of the embryos have eight cells, which is where they are suppose to be. The other five have 4-5 cells but are still growing. 125 more words


they are waiting for us

i was in toronto to meet my girlfriends for the day and when it was time to drive home from the heart of downtown i just headed north. 171 more words


The embryologist called this morning. Of the 15 eggs they retrieved, 12 were mature and then 10 fertilized. He’s going to call me again on Monday to let me know how many are still growing. 49 more words


Half Human / Half Beast: Scientist Develop Embryos Of Both Human And Animal

Scientists and researchers and claiming that they have developed embryos that are both human and animal. In an article that was published by NPR it reads in part, 260 more words


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IVF #3: The Lab Schedule

So we haven’t gotten PGS results yet, and we shouldn’t have so that’s all good. We did receive confirmation that the samples have arrived in Las Vegas. 308 more words


I got it all wrong. I had 20 overall not per ovary! So im not at risk of OHSS, yay, but my levels indicate my lining is too dry to be receptive to a pregnancy! 216 more words

Missouri House Passes Guidelines on Embryo Custody Battles

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Guidelines on how courts should handle custody battles over embryos are moving through the Missouri Legislature.

The House approved a proposal Monday that says judges must consider what would give an embryo the best chance of developing when settling a custody dispute between egg and sperm donors. 99 more words