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Transfer Day

We had our transfer this morning. Overall it went really well.

We arrived at the clinic right on time and were taken almost right away. It seemed a bit disjointed this morning because instead of meeting with the doctor first to get the update and make a decision about how many we were transferring we were brought right into the procedure room. 233 more words

Baby Steps

I bled for 2 weeks following the d & c, and the torture of the beta testing began just a week after.  When we found out we lost the pregnancy, my beta came back over 100,000.   933 more words


Transfer is Complete!

The transfer went smoothly yesterday and I’m feeling generally pretty hopeful.  Doubt regularly creeps in but I’m trying to stick with the belief that there’s just no reason it shouldn’t work. 616 more words


Risk and Reward

I’d first like to provide some commentary and perspective on a previous post of Shantay’s regarding our experience deciding on how many embryos to transfer during IVF. 622 more words


What a Rollercoaster Ride

The clinic called with our update today… out of our 13 eggs, 13 were mature but only 4 fertilized. I have to admit I was shocked and disappointed in that number. 267 more words

Surprise! (written 5th March 2015)

It is officially the longest morning of my life. I’m slightly nauseous as I wake but can’t decide if it’s from lack of sleep, anxiety about today, or morning sickness. 645 more words


Well I am still alive

Barely…We are now in our new home! The move took about 4 days we busted our asses and my goodness we had/have a lot of stuff. 766 more words