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All-Flash Case Study: The Clutch Group - 85% Faster Apps

Which came first, the Success or the Flash?

It is said that success breeds success, but sometimes success breeds flash which then breeds more success. This was the case for Litigation Consulting and Compliance firm, The Clutch Group. 972 more words


EMC Acquisition of VirtuStream Closes the Door to a VMWare Spin-Off

Two days ago, storage giant EMC announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire VirtuStream for $1.2B. VirtuStream is not the most well-known platform in the cloud market but one that has developed a considerable penetration in the enterprise space. 318 more words

EMCが12億ドルでVirtustreamを買収へ--ハイブリッドクラウド戦略を強化 [ #cbajp ]

EMCがソフトウェア・サービスプロバイダのVirtustreamを現金およそ12億ドルで買収する計画を発表した。EMCはVirtustreamを買収することで、同社のポートフォリオを自社の「Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution」に統合し、新たにマネージドクラウドサービス事業部を設けるという。すべてのアプリケーション、ワークロード、クラウドモデルをサポートする事業部となる。



EMC Buys Virtustream. Why is it important for EMC?

Massachusetts based IT giant EMC is all set to acquire Maryland based Enterprise Cloud Service Provider Virtustream. The deal is valued at $1.2Billion. This news was announced by the companies formally in their… 290 more words

EMC acquires a modern cloud value proposition that maps to legacy strengths with Virtustream

By Krista Macomber, Analyst

EMC made a significant portfolio evolution by entering the managed cloud services space with its $1.2 billion acquisition of Virtustream on May 26, 2015. 640 more words


米EMC、クラウドサービスのバーチュストリーム買収へ [ #cbajp ]

ストレージ製造の米EMC はクラウドサービスを手掛けるバーチュストリームの買収で同社と合意した。EMCは約12億ドル(約1470億円)規模の買収により、クラウド運用管理を代行するマネージド・クラウド・サービスをラインアップに加える。26日の両社発表によると、買収完了後の同事業はEMCのマネージド・クラウド・サービス部門となる。バーチュストリームのロドニー・ロジャーズ最高経営責任者(CEO)はEMCのジョー・トゥッチCEOの直属に置かれるという。



We've got a unicorn situation: With no M&A activity and stagnant IPO market, exits have become rare

It seems that the grazing in the magical rainbow pastures of Unicorn Valley is a bit too good these days. So good in fact, that none of the private companies with $1 billion valuations seems to want to leave anytime soon. 523 more words