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Awards Presentation Day 2015

It was an 8am Economics lesson in A206, when Ms Law whipped out her phone and started asking the class:

“Ok they need some emcees for APD does anyone want to volunteer?” 1,190 more words


Slow It Down/I Know X Ralph Solo

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Charlotte emcee/producer, Ralph Solo, but today he’s here with “Slow It Down/I Know.” He goes from a lethargic “Slow It Down” to a more 90’s upbeat “I Know” giving us as some would say “the best of both worlds.” Listen below.

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Touch Of Daz

Jam On It: Drake - "Back to Back" (Meek Mill Diss)

Drake has had a busy month of July: witnessing buddy Serena Williams’ victory at Wimbledon, launching OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music, premiering new music, deflecting rumors of ghostwriting and, least of it all, dropping diss tracks. 166 more words

Hip Hop

Meek Vs Drake And This Lame Ghostwriting Controversy

Before I dive in any such musicality discussions between both Meek Mill and Drake, I must admit I really don’t listen to either. So in turn I really don’t know too much of their music to really say what has been ghostwritten and what has not. 579 more words

Goodbye to the Tunes

Said goodbye to the last of Tricia’s DJ business this morning. Not too sad about seeing it go though, I was kind of bothered about hanging on to a lot of that over sized obsolete equipment that I can hardly even lift anymore. 833 more words


Goodbye reps, hello emcees!

It’s a big day here at Groupmuse: We are officially removing the “Groupmuse Rep” position, and replacing it with the “Groupmuse Emcee.” For most people, this won’t be a huge change – there will be someone at every groupmuse whose job it is to gather the crowd, explain what groupmuse is, and gather donations for the musicians. 486 more words

Groupmuse Updates


The Philosophy of an Emcee lost it element due to mainstream music but there are some who is willing to break this stereotype for their generation.  497 more words