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IRELAND - New Peregrine Partner - Eugene F. Collins

We are delighted to announce Eugene F. Collins, an Irish law firm, as our latest partner for Immiguru.

David and Lorcan have already begun regularly reviewing the data we have in Immiguru on immigration and work authorisation processes to Ireland, and we are very pleased to welcome them to our partner network! 

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How to build a successful Community

In my previous post, I talked about the Power of Communities. Now, I hope you digested this information (or you probably already knew about that) and made it yours because it opens up a world of opportunities. 93 more words


IT Camp, May 26-27, Cluj (Romania)

There was a time in which I was able to attend a lot of events driven by the Communities. There was a time in which I felt so close with the communities and I gotta say I never experienced such a passion and excitement ever again. 36 more words


GHANA – Petroleum Commission Introduces New Fees and Application Information Form for Work Permit Cases

Effective 4 April 2016 the Petroleum Commission (PC) of Ghana has introduced an administrative fee of US$100 for work permit applications.

Also effective 4 April 2016, all work permit applications should include a completed “information gathering sheet”. 29 more words


New Data in Immiguru: QATAR - GCC Nationals

We’re very pleased to announce that the immigration process for GCC Nationals working in Qatar has been added to Immiguru this week.

GCC nationals working in Qatar are work visa exempt but should sign a local contract and apply for a local residence ID card. 28 more words


Tanzanian Requires Taxpayers with Related-Party Transactions Contemporaneous Transfer Pricing Documentation

The requirement for transfer pricing documentation has been in place since February 7, 2014 but the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) had not previously enforced this requirement. 54 more words

General Requirements

GHANA – Visa on Arrival Planned for Nationals of African Union States

On 25 February 2016, the Government of Ghana announced that it intends to allow citizens of African Union member states to enter the country without a prior visa, and obtain a visa on arrival for up to thirty days, beginning in July 2016. 26 more words