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Emer: Six years old

Skyrim came out in 2011. I bought it in 2011. SIX YEARS I had that game in my steam library, just waiting for me to play it. 470 more words


Emer: Who DID that? (Spirit Tracks)

“I need a Zelda chaser,” I told Ch00 when I preordered Breath of the Wild. “Spirit Tracks was enough to ruin the series for me.” 944 more words


.                             D  
Fjala ti ishe n’fillim
.              G       Bm             A
Një me Zotin shumë të lartë
.Bm                    A        D
Lavdia fshehur tek krijimi
. 235 more words


Emer: OK but first I'm going behind me.

Hi there, 2 things:

  1. I’m making amazing progress on games, enough so that doing a weekly list doesn’t feel Right (TM); also I’m mostly sticking to one game at a time now.
  2. 65 more words

What's your Plan B?

I know everyone has been training for the worst possible thing that could happen.  But what about Plan B?  Have you even thought about what might happen if your first 130 more words