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Emer: Today is the same as yesterday is the same as tomorrow

I remember playing Harvest Moon for the very first time. I was in DC — had just moved there, and Elaine and I were living in a crappy little apartment in a crappy little highrise a few blocks from the National Mall. 917 more words


Savvy Characters are NEVER “too stupid to live”

How the heck do you create a character with flaws, and put her in dangerous situations while avoiding this ugly misstep?

  • By learning how to brilliantly navigate dicey situations…
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Emer: Sworcery is the best sorcery.

At one point in my life, I had to pay quite a lot of attention to iOS apps. It was a very dark time for my wallet, as my employer wasn’t interested in reimbursing me, but I was dedicated to my craft. 407 more words


What's your Plan B?

I know everyone has been training for the worst possible thing that could happen.  But what about Plan B?  Have you even thought about what might happen if your first 130 more words


Emer: Failing to Hide in the Shadows

I am repeating myself (and will again, mind) but the best part of this project was finding joy in games I thought I would hate, or just be miserably bad at. 344 more words


Seeing the beauty in your students.

As a self-taught teacher I have thought and read a lot about the role of the teacher, and have discovered that something I do well, is to see the good and best in people, to see them as people who can outperform what they are doing and then I speak to that part of them, demand it even. 206 more words


Emer: A walk in the woods

It’s getting cold here in New England — not as cold as snowy Canada, granted, but the really mild October is finally giving way to a seasonal November chill. 486 more words