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Does asking #whatwouldyoutake generate empathy for Syria's refugees?

One of the toughest challenges for humanitarian communicators is facilitating a relationship between the audience we’re reaching out to, and the people we’re trying to help. 931 more words

Vanuatu Cyclone Relief Update: Emergency Food Will Be Eat Up by April

Two weeks have passed after Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu and emerging aerial images confirm total or near-total destruction of homes, buildings and crops. Almost 90 percent of the island has been flattened. 689 more words


Needs of Kokang Refugees Will Increase by Mid-May

In early March, fighting had eased in the Kokang region, Myanmar and over 2,000 Kokang people who fled due to the fighting gradually returned home. Unfortunately, fight has soon resumed and intensified in a few days and expanded into Chinese territory, resulting in civilian casualties. 287 more words


How horrifying does the footage have to get before we wake up to the mass grave in the Mediterranean?

I have a mixed relationship with Vice. I still associate it with a lackadaisically sensationalist hipster style of reportage – an over-easy ‘whoa, cool’ attitude to the darkest dramas unfolding across our planet. 335 more words

Interest in Syria peaked in September 2013, and dropped massively soon after. It never came back.

We who work in the international aid sector often have a strikingly distorted view of what most people care about.

Because we’re surrounded by the consequences of crisis, and because those consequences are so very dramatic, we significantly over-assume the interest of others. 824 more words

Urgent Help Needed as Cyclone Pam Sweeps through Vanuatu!

On 13 March, Cyclone Pam, a Category Five storm, swept through the Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu. In the capital of Port Vila, about 90 percent of the housing has been destroyed. 354 more words


Is this really the best way to choose between aid agencies?

Scrolling through Facebook this morning, I came across a sponsored post from Oxfam, asking for money for Vanuatu.

It was timely, eye-catching and well-directed: a victory for the algorithm which correctly targeted me, married to the sense of moment generated by a major news event. 899 more words