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Anemia, causes

Anemia is a deficiency of red blood cells in the circulatory system, and is measured by testing the concentration of blood cells in the blood relative to the other components of blood; through a “hematocrit” ( part of an “H&H, which many of us are familiar with). 319 more words

Happy Holidays: How to Go Up On the Housetop and Come Down Safely

When my daughter was a teenager, she fell through the floor of our garage attic while helping her dad put away Christmas decorations. She landed backside-first on the windshield of my SUV and miraculously, the safety glass cushioned her fall. 855 more words

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First Aid and Basic First Aid Procedures

First aid training can be an important asset to everyone as an emergency situation is non-predictable. If you are able to handle an “emergency situation”, and help somebody in need, that will be the greatest moment in one’s life. 474 more words


Emergency Response a vital part in Healthcare

Emergence preparedness and Response in Healthcare:

The Indian healthcare industry has grown several folds over the past decade but still we lack on several vital components that are in healthcare, one of which is an emergency response system and a concrete disaster management plan at grass root level. 726 more words


How to Play with Fire and Not Cook Your Goose on Turkey Day

We know why you guys like the fall holiday season. Besides feasting and football, there are legitimate reasons to play with fire and knives. Fair enough. 731 more words

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The Old Man is Snoring...

It’s raining, it’s pouring… Both literally and figuratively.

It’s been quite a week. Last Friday, I was talking to my dad who was experiencing some bleeding. 1,134 more words


Radio silence for a bit while I deal with a nasty kidney infection that’s brought me to the ER twice in three days. Highlights include: 373 more words