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Reliable keys to identify a medical emergency

A larged medical insurance company received criticism for its handling of some emergency room (ER) claims recently. If, after review of an ER visit the company determines the condition was not a true emergency, it will deny payment for the visit, making the patient responsible for the full amount. 735 more words

Diseases, Injuries, And Dying

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest case study

This Scottish Government Social Research report on the ‘out of hospital cardiac arrest strategy’ is used as a case study to assess the extent that the strategy embodies a ‘Scottish Approach’ to policy. 48 more words

Scottish Health & Social Care


Humans are natural pattern recognition machines. We have an evolved instinct not only to recognize different patterns but also to categorize and store these patterns in order to make future predictions. 735 more words


Stories matter, we should tell our stories

Everyone has a story, every story is different.  I am currently data collecting for my PhD and speaking to various role players in the EC.  This TED talk reminds me that there is never a single story about any place e.g. 31 more words

Emergency Care

Ambulance and economics

I have recently been watching the BBC series AmbulanceIt is a fly-on-the-wall documentary following the West Midlands Ambulance Service interspersed with candid interviews with ambulance staff, much in the same vein as other health care documentaries like  590 more words

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Thrashing in the Emergency Department

The work of an emergency physician is an exercise in multitasking. We see multiple patients in parallel and respond to all the responsibilities that come with this patient care in addition to being aware of new, potentially sick patients. 1,065 more words

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