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The Best Medical Alarm Systems in USA - Beneficial for the Patients

The importance of the medical alarm systems in modern times has increased what with the elderly patients needing round the clock monitoring automatically. There are many issues with the patients while using the device, however ready-made solutions are available to ensure the seamless functioning. 218 more words

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Coping with crisis in Yemen

The war in Yemen is a multifocal one; the Houthis and ex-President Saleh, President Hadi and troops still loyal to him, Al Qaeda, Islamic State, the southern secessionist militias – and into this maelstrom Saudi Arabia started a bombing campaign, which has only aggravated the fighting militias and not stopped any of their advances.  1,342 more words


AED Traning - Automated External Defibrillator - Training Program at NYC

The automated external defibrillator (AED) is a one of the most advanced computerized medical device. An AED can check and analyse a person’s heart pulse. It can recognize a heartbeat rhythm that requires a shock. 191 more words


ICE4Autism Mobile App

ICE (In Case of Emergency) 4Autism is the only Autism-specific ICE mobile app for mobile devices.  ICE4Autism provides first responders and other medical professionals with actionable information quickly and effectively for more needs-conscious, patient-centered medical care for individuals with Autism. 92 more words

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Back from the dead: The famous Bondi beach rescue

The classic CPR/AED demonstration with a happy ending.

The cynical student might say that the rate of compressions in this film is too slow, and they’d be right.. 86 more words

Cardiovascular System

Random Lectures on various things

The following are links to files containing information from First Aid level to EMT level created by St John Ambulance or our own members of St John Cabinteely’s division. 64 more words

Cardiovascular System

Understanding My Insurance, part 4

Previously, we discussed some basics on understanding your coverage. Today we’ll outline some considerations in case you need to use your insurance for emergency care. 258 more words