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Chewing Gum: Your Dental Ally or Foe?

Chewing gum is a favourite not only amongst kids but adults too like to chew that gristly, sugary confection.

But did you know your childhood favourite affects your dental health? 354 more words

Emergency Dentist

Preparing for Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can happen in many ways, and it always requires fast attention. With the right treatment, you can regain comfort and avoid complications. Below, you can also learn how to prepare for a dental emergency. 178 more words

Dentist Hammond, Louisiana

We are experts in variety of problems ranging from wisdom tooth removal, dental implants and bone grafting. Our patients have the option of having procedures comfortably performed while they sleep.  56 more words

Emergency Dentist - Winning Smiles Dentist Blacktown

Emergency Dentist – Bella Vista – Kellyville

We will make every effort to get you into our Dental Office in Blacktown, Kellyville and Bella Vista as soon as possible in case of… 301 more words


General Dentist

We offer a variety of services including: Cleanings with fluoride treatment, Fillings, Sealants to prevent the grooves and pits in the teeth from trapping bacteria and creating cavities, Pulpotomies (baby root canals) for teeth with deep decay, Extractions, Stainless steel crowns, and space maintainers… 15 more words

When to Opt for Visiting Your Emergency Dentist

If you are in pain or suffering from any dental injury, then it is better to look for emergency dental care according to your local circumstances. 510 more words

Emergency Dentist

Why Some Teeth Need to be Extracted

Oral health problems sometimes cause teeth to fall out, but some teeth have to be removed. This can be the case after severe oral health problems, an injury, or for preventive reasons. 189 more words