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The Anti-Budget Budget In Your Thirties

Although Jane and I both very recently wrote articles about how we’ve been tracking every dollar we spend lately, (check out Jane’s Budgeting article Saving Money Like You’re In the Depression Era… 421 more words


Emergency Fund: The Three Month Rule & More

You know what? Life happens. Whether it’s an unexpected doctor’s bill or your car decides it’s on its last leg, unexpected bills can come in all directions.   339 more words

Budget Tips

$1,000 Reasons to Have an Emergency Fund

The biggest mistake you can make is think that an emergency will never happen to you.

Your car might breakdown (or get rear-ended through no fault of your own). 441 more words

Debt Repayment

Emergency Fund - Plan B at work when your Financial Plan A is at Risk!

Emergency Fund Plan B at work when your Plan A is at Risk!

It was middle of the month; Prakash was done with his loan EMIs, Car Insurance, son’s tuition fee, grocery shopping, and, like every month he could also save Rs. 590 more words

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Dave Ramsey. Baby steps.

Currently my new obsession. Dave Ramsey. Funny white guy. Talks about money.

I have just finished a book titled The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. 183 more words


Emergency Fund

We have his box in our office

I want one of these

In the developed nations, they are advised to have emergency and survival supplies in preparedness for cyclones and other disasters. 1,352 more words


Financial Independence Progress Report for June 2016

June is finally done! It is one of the two biggest months of the year for dividends. And it did not disappoint me :-) Lets look at June’s numbers. 403 more words

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