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“The bottom line is this: “Normal” in North America is broke. “Normal” is using credit cards, taking on a lifetime of car payments, and spending more than you make.

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Self Improve

No credit card debt... Cool.

So, about the time I started Dimes to Dough, I had just signed up for a new credit card, my second credit card ever, an AMEX card. 601 more words


Our $900 Grocery Store Trip

Yes the hubby and I went food shopping today. We had a short list of food items and long list of paper goods (paper plates, straws, plastic spoons/forks  etc). 261 more words

Living & Learning

February 2014 Monthly Progress: $6,000.00

Yowza! How did that happen? Going from $2700.00-$6000 in a month means one thing: we received our tax refund. We didn’t spend much of it. My husband did splurge on some cigars. 215 more words


How to prepare for the next recession?

For the past few months, I am seeing some excesses in the market that has brought back memories of past boom+bust cycles. For example,

Passive Income Streams

Payday, Bills, and Budget

Oh and Graphics too!

Today is payday and the feeling of being whole only lasted a few moments. Once I knew the funds were available I immediately went to work paying bills and tacking on extra loan payments. 1,118 more words


Postgrad Payback

The beginning…

Welcome to a blog with a goal that is actually achievable. More on that in a minute, first the set up.

I am a little over a year into paying off my student debt and I feel as though I haven’t even put a dent in the number. 978 more words