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5 Benefits Of Experiencing Financial Challenges

No one wants to experience financial challenges in life to the point that consumers try to make the right money decisions whenever they can. But regardless how hard people try, there are some situations that is beyond the control of consumers and the best they can do is ride it out. They can

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Seriously: Live Beneath Your Means!

This past Summer, I realized that the full-time job I had taken on was not a good fit for me. I called my husband and explained my feelings, and he responded “Then quit! 1,006 more words

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WTF will I do with My 13th Month Pay?

It’s the holiday season once again – a favorite time of the year for most of us because it’s the time of giving, of sharing, of family reunions, of eating good food, and of… 818 more words

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What To Do When You Get There: 4 Ways to Manage a Successful Retirement

There are tons of articles on the Internet providing various strategies and tips about saving for retirement, and a great many “How-To” headlines: how to save, how to invest, how to plan. 887 more words


How to Budget: Emergency Fund

Thanks for following the “How to Budget” series. We started a few weeks ago chatting about Why we budget and How to put a budget together. 1,234 more words


How to Budget: Irregular Income

To those who are on my email list, I’m sorry about the weird post you probably received. I hit the incorrect button and you got a paragraph. 530 more words


Saving 10%

Ever since I got a job last year, I have learned to manage my finances. I always loved to spend all my money, whereas my sister always saved hers. 180 more words

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