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thought experiment?

One of my favorite car website/blogger/vloggers, Humble Mechanic posted this question on facebook today. (Shhh… i’m supposedly logged out of that vortex right now)

“If you got fired from your job tomorrow, what would you do? 795 more words


How to Save Money for an Emergency Fund

(On the featured image: Free photo from unsplash.com – This photo of money is by Didier Weemaels from unsplash.com, licensed under Creative Commons Zero.) 953 more words

College Student

How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be?

Having an emergency fund is essential to a successful financial plan. You won’t truly understand how important it is to your financial health until the day comes when you absolutely need it. 1,036 more words

Financial Planning

Why I think the "Emergency Fund" is a scam

How much should you save in your Emergency Fund?

Some may say 3 months’ salary, others may say 6, but they all say the same thing: you… 575 more words

Personal Finance

Tips You Can Bank On For College Freshmen

Attention, college freshmen: If your financial plans include asking for money from The Bank of Mom and Dad, think again. With these tips, you can save some cash for a rainy day, and even attain savings goals for the future. 710 more words

Megan Horst Hatch

Good Stuff to Start Your Week

Happy Monday! I know, I know. Monday isn’t anybody’s favorite day. But I found a few things to inspire you as you start a new week. 717 more words


The Mini Series Continues - 2016 Goals for Intellect and Finances

I’m a great starter, but an awful finisher. Which is why I sit between two giveaway boxes at a messy table that barely has space to perch my laptop, watching the aftermath of “Snowmaggedon” while I try to think of how to end my Goals 2016 mini series well. 1,200 more words

Goals Of 2016