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How to Find Information on Individual Stocks

All right – so you know how to screen stocks, but where can you find information such as earnings?  The internet is obviously a wealth of information, but more and more of it is becoming a paid service.  566 more words


The Vacation That Wasn't

(Or how my car ruined six months of planning.)

So, I’m very lucky in that I get two weeks of paid vacation at my job.  This is the first time I’ve ever had paid vacation, and when we scheduled our vacation at the beginning of the year, I lept at the chance to visit my friends in Montreal. 389 more words

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Why Typical Advice On Emergency Fund's Is A Load Of Crap

If you read my Where Do I Put The Extra Dough? post, you would see that the first place I recommend you put your money is into an emergency fund. 755 more words

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How Do You Invest a Big Inheritance?

OK, so let’s say old Aunt Lizzie has died (the aunt who you don’t remember seeing since you were five, and just remember that she had a lot of cats) and she has left you $100,000.  989 more words


What is your Emergency Fund Carrier?

Moving ahead with our Introductory Series, this post constitutes 3rd important component of our DIY Financial Planning (FP). With Term and Health Insurance in place, you can consider having come halfway​ through your financial planning journey. 1,617 more words

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What Must a Pre-Retirement Financial Checklist Contain?

Do you only have a few years left before retirement? Are you dreading about retirement even at an early age? Can you say that you will be able to live through retirement by just relying on your present source of income? 469 more words

Savings - why you need an emergency fund!

Next up on in Money Matters is super super important savings strategies, tips and tricks. I will be talking all about different kinds of savings, how much you should actually be saving, where you should be putting it (not under the mattress), potential tax consequences, everything you ever needed to know about tax advantaged accounts, the latest savings apps and how to start investing. 845 more words

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