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4 Pre-requisites of Investing: What Should I Do Before Investing

By: Gian Karlo A. Evasco, CIS AFP

Money Mentor, Financial Planner – Wealth Builder Asia, Vera Strategic Advisors

                What is the most important part of a building? 827 more words

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Budgeting Basics

In this episode I talk about budgeting basics and what the most effective type of budget there is. I also touch on the need for both you and your partner to agree on the budget. 46 more words

Debt Elimination

My Six Simple Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom

I would like to share with you some steps to attain financial freedom in the years to come. But, first let me ask you some questions? 380 more words


Money habits: Put some money aside

April is Financial Literacy Month

Day 23, start an emergency fund.  It never fails that an unexpected expense will occur. The best thing you can do for yourself is to prepare for it. 240 more words

Bahiyah Shabazz

S is for Stash (of Cash)

Well, it’s not a lot of cash. It’s just enough to keep me from ending up in a pickle.

Mornings at our house are often a mad dash. 135 more words


Budgeting Basics


Budgeting is something we need to do even if we don’t like the process of it. Here are some general guidelines for putting together an effective budget.

Debt Elimination

How Prepared are you for a Rainy Day?

On the morning of March 20th 2015, I stepped into the office like every other day to start work. There was one difference  though, I had my resignation letter on hand dated for April 3rd 2015 as my last day. 641 more words

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