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Featured Blog: How to Build a Cash Cushion on a Limited Budget

The following blog is by Brittney Castro originally published in Brittney Castro’s Blog – Financially Wise Women.

Do you ever wonder how you can save money on your limited budget? 414 more words


Tips to Help You Fund (and Keep) Your Emergency Fund

Everyone who’s ever had an emergency will tell you money is key to making good decisions. We make bad financial decisions when were broke and desperate. 551 more words


5 Best Personal Finance Tips

Here are some personal finance tips that will serve you well in life:

  1. Start investing early. Taking advantage of extra years of compound interest is the best way to retire well.
  2. 114 more words
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The (Continued) Joys of Being a Landlord

My renters recently let me know that the bathroom tub was dripping. Normally something like this would be a bit annoying, but it is doubly so in this case because I had it fixed about a year ago. 577 more words

My simple finance system

“If you look on Amazon – if you do a search for personal finance, there are literally 20,000 books written on personal finance, and there’s no real reason for it.

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41% College Graduates admit to no emergency savings

Yes, you read that right. Almost half of all college graduates surveyed by USNews admitted to not having any savings for emergencies. I had always been told you should have enough in savings to cover an emergency like a car repair, so for example a nice round number like $1000 or $2000. 376 more words

The Financial Parachute

The cover story of the May 2016 issue of The Atlantic reported on a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Board. Although most of the survey questions resulted in common responses that were expected, there was one question that stood out. 870 more words