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Thoughts on Finances and Coaching

When I think about the financial situation that so many people are in today I can easily become frustrated, sad, and angry. I remember being in debt and how much it robbed from me, not just financially, but in life as well. 837 more words

Financial Wisdom

Personal finance 101

It’s a common refrain within the hallways of any high school, particularly in algebra classrooms: when am I ever going to use this in real life? 744 more words

2017 November Passive Income Review

November was not a good month for passive income. Compare to the second month of last quarter, passive income went down by about $200.  In November I added more shares of MYC, OHI and VT. 180 more words

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Our November 2017 Budget – How Did We Do?

It’s a little late, but I said I’d show you how our November budget went and how we did, so here it is!

Read more at: bunchythebudgeteer.com


What I Learned About Our Spending Habits From A No Spend Month

“We’re doing so much better than pretty much everyone else our age that we know.”

“We don’t ever pay credit card interest.”

“We don’t have any expensive hobbies.” 2,098 more words

Financial goals will give you a path on which you just have to walk over time because you have decided and planned everything in advance. Financial goals are about stability and consistency. 930 more words


How Long Would It Take to Be A Millionaire

How long would it take you to becoming a millionaire?  Well, I used an investment calculator to determine at what age you would become a millionaire if you invested different amounts, from $200 per month to $1000 per month, starting at age 20.  304 more words