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Step 74: Get one Month Ahead

This step is a hugely important advance in getting control over your finances with the ultimate goal of moving away from living paycheck to paycheck and instead working towards a situation in which you live on last month’s income. 1,119 more words

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Be prepared

No matter what day of the week or what time it is my mind can very quickly take me back to the prison of debt. It’s valuable to me personally and helps with the reality of my minimalist debt (mortgage) free journey: 312 more words

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Rent Is Not An Emergency

So what I’ve noticed is that people who rented a space (boarding house as a classic example) panic and scratch their head when the due comes in. 257 more words

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Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Emergencies are ineluctable in life. Even with the best thought out financial plan, you will find yourself at one point or the other dealing with unexpected emergencies. 1,057 more words

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Finances Matter: Start An Emergency Fund

I was chatting with a friend about being prepared for emergencies, and she said “Why not just go stay in a hotel?”

The thought had occurred to me as an option, but it depends on the disaster, doesn’t it?   2,135 more words

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How Does Mutual Fund Investing Work

Continuing the series of posts on different aspects of finance to help provide the basic financial background needed to be successful financially in life, today we turn to the subject of mutual funds.   1,473 more words


"The Ouch Fund" - Do You Have It? (4 min read)

Money magazine says that 78% people will suffer from a negative financial event in a 10-year period.

Lying on the small hospital bed with the IV in his hand and the broken mobile, after the car accident, Mr.

1,016 more words