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How Hard Is It To Get Out Of Debt? (Post 352)

If you want to know how hard it is to get out of debt, until you try to get out of it. 409 more words

The One That Got Away

Opportunities and experiences can make life wholesome and fulfilling. But there’s a clear difference between experiences that are used to build character and relationships with others, and those that are based around the possession and use of goods. 425 more words

Self Improvement

Save Money in an Emergency Fund to Stay Debt Free

Today’s money hack is related to saving money for emergencies in order to prevent accumulation of debt.

With debt being labelled as a modern day equivalent to slavery, it is crucial to do everything in our power to stay debt free. 364 more words

Debt Hacks & Tips

4 Sources of Cheap Credit / Affordable Debt for Emergencies

Today’s money hack is related to cheap sources of debt that can be used in emergencies instead of credit card debt or loans from banks. 410 more words

Debt Hacks & Tips

Clear And Simple Steps To Be A Success with your Cash Flow ~Savings (Without All the Hype)

Most families today have a checking account.  However, unlike our parents or grandparents, rarely do many families have a savings account that they can count on.   649 more words

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Top 10 reasons for having an emergency fund - debunked (Part 2)

This is a follow up from our post last week when we couldn’t fit debunking all the arguments for emergency funds into one post. This is also good place the point out some of the great work other bloggers have done on this topic: 1,157 more words

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The Value of $1,000

The first step on our journey, according to this Dave Ramsey character, was to save $1,000 in an emergency fund.  We kind of cheated on this step, as I already had it saved from earlier efforts to be more responsible, but the importance of having it can’t be overstated.   664 more words