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Is New Jersey Gambling with Atlantic City's Future?


March 2, 2015
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Spinning for Municipal Bankruptcy: In the Red or Black? Try and imagine the intractable quandary of Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian: his Governor, Chris Christie, appears not only determined to crash land the city into municipal bankruptcy, but has also imposed an emergency manager—without any guidance which official is really in charge; the city’s assessed property values are plummeting; and the city’s plans to fix the way its casinos pay property taxes appears mired in inaction in the state legislature. 1,325 more words


Guardian on state takeover in A.C.: 'Table of brotherhood is open'

ATLANTIC CITY — Moments after Gov. Chris Christie announced the state takeover of their city’s economic situation with the appointment of an emergency management team here today, two elected leaders of this beleaguered gaming mecca offered differing positions on the news. 594 more words

A Gamble that Failed?

January 22, 2014
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A Gamble that Failed? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is bringing in an emergency manager to take over the day-to-day operations and troubled finances of Atlantic City, marking an unprecedented expansion of state control over a New Jersey municipality. 840 more words


Meet Darnell Earley, DPS' new emergency manager

Darnell Earley calmly answered the media’s tough questions at a recent press conference held at the city’s Burton International Academy to introduce him as Detroit Public Schools’ (DPS) new emergency manager (EM). 687 more words

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