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I am a 20 (almost 30) something ER physician, a lover of Jesus, a daughter, a friend.

Emergency Medicine

Healthcare: Featuring the latest in technology, but still 20 years behind

The United States has the most advanced health technologies in the world. We are able to provide care that even 30 years ago seemed like science fiction. 407 more words

A Letter To My Supervising Physician

I see you.

Staying past your already too long shift to help care for a sick patient. Staying to help our team care for a patient, to assess and decide, to intubate and stabilize. 586 more words

Physician Assistant

Life In The Fast Lane

You know, I thought that the switch from Surgery to Family Medicine would be the most drastic turnaround of rotations that I would have all year. 1,376 more words

Black Man M.D.

Can you apply Centor Criteria for Strep Pharyngitis to Pediatrics?

Ah, Strep. The “bread and butter” diagnosis of urgent care, ER and primary medicine.

Do you use the Centor Criteria to treat “Strep throat”? Do you “always” perform a rapid strep test to make a treatment decision? 969 more words

Physician Assistant

Uncontroversial truths; Discussing urgent care for older people

Stuart Parker is Professor of Geriatric Medicine at Newcastle University and a consultant physician at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust where he is helping to develop an acute inpatient service for frail older people. 734 more words