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'Archer's Arrows' aim to improve emergency cardiac care in Renfrew

He’s only five months old, but Archer Hackett’s life has already been saved once by CPR.

Archer has a severe form of long QT syndrome, a mutation in the heart’s electrical system that causes it to beat erratically. 753 more words

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EEM 2014 Top 10 Video Countdown: #1 Why we do EM

As I write this post and watch this video one more time, I am struck by how powerful a 15-minute talk at Essentials of Emergency Medicine can be. 298 more words

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Central venous lines and Central venous pressure


  • Central venous cannulation is a relatively common procedure (particularly in anaesthesia/intensive care).
    • NB It is unlikely you will be asked to insert a central venous line as a junior doctor (let alone a student).  
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Why Medicine?

Ok, I have answered this question about 100 times in interviews, essays, and questionnaires. But it I thought I’d share with everyone on the inter-webz what initially inspired me to study medicine, and my journey so far. 1,379 more words

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  • Normal potassium levels are quoted as 3.5-5mmol/l
  • Regulated by a number of factors including
    • RAAS (aldosterone); acid base balance (acidosis can cause a hyperkalaemia as H+ and K+ ions compete at the Na-K exchange at the distal tubule; insulin…
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A Decade Gone: Remembering the Night 3 Lives Were Taken Beneath my Feet

Time is an interesting thing.  Sometimes it feels as if it’s flown by, other times the same memory can seem quite distant – or both.  For me, I can’t not write about… 3,813 more words

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Suicide victim's mother seeks mental health care changes

Brisbane Times Tony Moore May 1, 2015

A Brisbane woman who has lost four members of her family to suicide – including her 21-year-old son – is calling for major changes to Australia’s mental health care system. 40 more words

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