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Sinkhole Threatens to Swallow Washington, DC

“A huge sinkhole that nearly swallowed a truck appeared in the streets of northeastern Washington D.C. in the late afternoon on Tuesday. D.C. Water spokesman reported that the sinkhole that—nearly as large as both lanes of the road on 13th Place NE near Farragut Place and Faraday Place—was caused by a water main break that undermined the integrity of the ground underneath the road.” click here

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Household Bleach for Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

Elmaksoud SA, Patel N, Maxwell SL, Sifuentes LY, Gerba CP. Use of household bleach for emergency disinfection of drinking water. Journal of Environmental Health. 2014 May;76(9):22-5. 155 more words


That's all, folks.

After two solid days of writing (a huge 10,000 words each day), I typed those magical two words today.

The. End.

It’s only the third time I’ve ever done so, but the euphoric feeling of achievement is almost unrivalled. 216 more words

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The Publishing Pathway Part 8

Here we are in the final stages of the publishing process. Release day for my debut novel, INTENSIVE CARE, is getting so close I can almost taste it, smell it and feel it, and I have to say, I can’t wait! 550 more words

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The Community of Man

People across the globe are of differing economic and social levels, with varying levels of need.

Sometimes, though, people at every level are affected by disasters, severe weather events, and catastrophic occurrences that reshape and impact their lives and those of loved ones and neighbors. 469 more words

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12,000 Malian refugee children receive new shoes, providing them with warmth and protection

Thanks to UNICEF and its partners more than 12,000 children across two refugee camps (Goudebou and Mentao camps) in northern Burkina received new shoes at the beginning of December. 272 more words

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Emergency Response

I’ve been catching up on a stream of publications by Pete Adey and Ben Anderson on emergencies, including ‘Affect and security: exercising emergency in UK “civil contingencies”‘, … 1,076 more words


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Derek Gregory reflects on Pete Adey and Ben Anderson's work on governing emergencies.