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Could my fall a few weeks back have injured me worse than I thought?

Greetings, readers. I have been asking myself this question for about a week now. A few weeks back, you may recall, I passed out, fell down and had to go to the emergency room. 385 more words


My first ever emergency room experience

It’s March 2019, and my last post was April 2017! I can’t believe I’ve neglected my blog for nearly two full years! I started this site as a way of documenting the surprises, annoyances, and hurdles of expat life, but the problem is that eventually, it feels less like “expat life” and more like normal, every-day-life. 1,348 more words


Modern medicine is really amazing.  There are any number of diseases and conditions that can be diagnosed early and treated or even cured, which wouldn’t have been possible a decade or more ago, and this is terrific.   358 more words


Paging Dr. House

After I started writing a little about this crazy health tilt-o-whirl I’m on, I started getting comments asking how this could have happened where I live. 805 more words

How Not to Die in the E.R.

“I promise,” I said, “that I will not let them admit you; we’ll come back home today.”

My husband, who had lived with congestive heart failure for decades, was so filled with fluids that he was like a walking (sitting; he was wheelchair-bound) waterbed. 714 more words

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X-Ray Vision: A Potential Emergency Room Technology of the Future

A board-certified emergency physician, Dr. Anthony Amoroso serves patients at US Acute Care Solutions, LLC. Dr. Anthony Amoroso’s responsibilities include supervising mid-level healthcare providers and managing a high volume of admitted patients in a busy emergency room. 163 more words

Anthony Amoroso

I’ll Be Back In 30 Minutes - A Segway Story

It all started way back in October, 2018…..

“1SG Parker, we are looking forward to your transferring to the new Desert Sage Medical Home for you and your family’s Primary Care Management. 1,976 more words