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Bruised Face & Stitches Where The Sun Don't Shine

Hello, World!!! It is just barely two in the morning in my neck of the woods. I haven’t had the best of nights. I was sexually assaulted yesterday evening. 157 more words

Netflix and Sick: The Good Place

Watch it already!  Season 2 is tonight but Trent passed out with a migraine after coming home so I have to wait to watch uggghhh. 29 more words

Spoonie Life

Montreal Children's Hospital to look into case of toddler waiting 3 hours in ER as she struggled to breathe

Just one day after a Dorval mother spoke out about her daughter’s triage problems at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the director of pediatric emergency services insists they’re looking into what went wrong while reminding parents to speak up if they feel their child’s health is in danger. 484 more words


Lindsay's Ross Memorial Hospital boltsering campaign to reduce violence in ER

The Ross Memorial Hospital is bolstering its in-house anti-violence campaign following two altercations in the emergency room this past weekend.

“Our staff are our most important resource, and we have zero tolerance for violence, and we’re sending that message,” hospital President and CEO Bert Lauwers said.  223 more words


If it's not one thing...

Friday was one of those days. Mom had her first session with the physical therapist, and it did not go well. He had her lying on her back on the bed doing leg stretches and she was having trouble breathing, and he got snippy with me because I “undermined his authority” by responding to her needs without clearing it with him first. 659 more words

EXCLUSIVE: Montreal mother furious after daughter waits 3 hours in ER, struggling to breathe

A Montreal mother claims her daughter’s life was endangered last Friday at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

The girl was having trouble breathing when she got to the emergency room, and mother Lianne Watt says proper procedure wasn’t followed. 364 more words


How My Nervous Breakdown Led Me to a Breakthrough

“I would stay awake at night. Watching and listening for any indication of danger. I would watch the shadows on my ceiling. Contemplating how I would protect my family.”

925 more words