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Trip to Grocery Store ends in Emergency

This morning around 10:15 decided to make my weekly trip to the grocery store. Walking down Davie Street toward Independent Grocer, I somehow tripped over a seam in the sidewalk. 498 more words

Personal Life


They told me

I needed to be organized

So I tried to be organized – except!

Nothing changed.

I was helped

And I think I learned how… 614 more words


Exposed Yet Exposing COVID-19

How ironic! I had to isolate myself, not only to find refuge, during this time of compromise, but to protect others. To help ensure their safety, as well. 1,620 more words

An ER Physician's Stories of Healing and Being Healed

The Beauty in Breaking, by Michele Harper

As a black woman, I navigate an American landscape that claims to be post-racial when every waking moment reveals the contrary, an American landscape that requires all women to pound tenaciously against the proverbial glass ceiling, which we’ve since discovered is made of palladium, the kind of glass that would sooner bow than shatter.

931 more words
Book Review


We walk quickly

Down the hallways

In the absence of


Is it possible, still

To hear you?

We walk into

curtained rooms

In the presence of… 90 more words


Old[er] Age

The day started off wonderfully.

I had just gone to a 3-day work week, with Thursday and Friday as my off days.  This particular Thursday, the late-summer weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I was well rested.  1,018 more words

That's Life

My Life In Stitches: In Which I Chronicle Trips to the ER

1981: I am four and “helping” my dad in the back yard. “Helping” means playing Tarzan with the stakes and ties holding up his tomato plants. 1,413 more words