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Try Immediate Care for Sickness and Injury

Have you ever noticed that you seem to get sick at the most inappropriate times? Times when you can not get in to see your doctor. 323 more words

Urgent Care

What is Immediate Care at DICN Chicago

Immediate care is quick, responsive, and effective medical treatment that is available outside of an emergency room. In truth, only the most serious conditions such as a heart attack or stroke require a visit to the emergency room. 330 more words

Urgent Care

Mauled by a Bear … sorta

I just got back from the Emergency Room. Lots of blood, pain, and 8 stitches in my left shin from being mauled by a bear. … No, really, a bear! 361 more words

Much Ado About Nothing

Here's What Happened to My Leg: Part One

I’ve been rather quiet lately and if you’ve been following me on social media, you might know I’ve had some health issues. As of writing this, it’s still ongoing and my energy remains frustratingly low. 2,128 more words


The FDA says toss the bones from your meals...

DON’T feed them to your dogs. They can cause broken teeth, mouth and tongue injuries and constipation. Plus, sharp bone fragments… 52 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

In Hospital

There is something reassuring

about the nurse’s yawn at 1 AM

her slow pace

indifferent demeanor

she has seen this before

all problems solved clinically… 61 more words

A Day in the Life

The ER nurse gets to work at 7pm for the night shift. She takes a team of three patients. Gets report from the outgoing RN. 2,438 more words