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10 Skills Every 20-Something Needs to Master in 2016

1. Be on time

Every time. If you work from 9:00am-5:00pm, that doesn’t mean getting in at 9:15am and leaving at 4:55pm. For tips on how to be on time regularly, Fast Company shared some… 1,124 more words


Financial goals for 2016

I have some saving and spending plans for 2016. I decided to step down my retirement savings beginning in January, 2016 due to my desire to save 3-6 months’ of living expenses, per Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. 174 more words

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How to Build the Perfect Emergency Fund

Start small.

While you should eventually build an emergency fund that can handle more serious emergencies (economic downturn, loss of job, etc.), you’re going to want to start by putting together a short-term emergency fund. 683 more words

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How To Get the Most From Your Savings Account

Not All Savings Accounts Are Created Equal

Most of the big banks here in the U.S. offer meager savings rates for your hard-earned money, but it’s not all bad! 584 more words

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3 Ways to Think Differently About Savings

Three Steps that Will Help You Think Differently About the Value of Savings in your Life

 1. Look at the big picture of money.

69% of all the money that flows through the US economy… 463 more words

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"Next Man In": Have You Prepared a Financial Backup?

You know who Andrew Luck is.  We all do.  I write this from my home in Indianapolis, where Andrew Luck is the Golden Boy.  He is the face of the Colts franchise and widely considered to be the best young quarterback in all of football. 369 more words

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