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Latest Survey Of America's Savings Habits Yields Frightening Results

There are literally dozens of surveys and studies out there about America’s savings habits and they pretty much all give the same result – people aren’t saving nearly enough money.   411 more words


Do You Have Emergency Savings?

We’ve all seen the stories about how well the economy is doing and how each day it seems to improve. To that end, much to our shock and disbelief, we recently ran across a story on HousingWire.com ( 197 more words


Are All of Your Eggs in One basket?

Most of us have heard this old saying; “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”. This particular idiom comes to mind as Easter approaches. Basically stated; it means don’t focus all your resources in one particular thing, because if it fails, you lose all of your resources. 678 more words

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Rainy Day Fun Fund

You’ve heard of the term “Save it for a rainy day” to reference putting money away for when you might need it.  In fact, it’s generally recommended to have three months to a year’s salary worth of saving for emergencies.  329 more words

Credit Card Debt vs. Emergency Savings

Credit card debt that seems safe and manageable can become an untenable burden once we’re hit with a job loss or family medical emergency. That’s why – at the least — your credit card debt should never exceed the amount you’ve set aside to deal with emergencies. 220 more words


Why You Won't Be Splurging This April

About 80% of Americans who filed taxes got back a refund last year, averaging just under $2,800. Usually, even though it’s our money to begin with, we treat it kind of like a windfall, buying appliances, going on vacation or spending it in other fun ways. 378 more words

College Grads: Should You Save or Pay off Debt?

You worked hard, finished school, and managed to get a job in a very tough job market. For the first time in your life, you are making a real living and you want to get your financial life off to a healthy start. 1,094 more words

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