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Police Lights: Some Information About Them

Police vehicles, ambulances and law enforcement department vehicles…all of them need to have something distinct so that they stand out, catch the attention of public at large, and alert them about the impending emergency. 342 more words

LED Light Bar: A Sneak Peek into What they Actually Are

There are different types of light fixtures. And so long, we had different types of lights too. But the one that has become extremely popular is the LED lights. 488 more words

Emergency Vehicle Lights: What is the Main Purpose they are Intended to Serve?

Vehicles are a challenge to drive if there are no lights at all. Lights are useful not only for better viewing but also for conveying a particular message to the other riders on the road. 482 more words

An Extremely Convincing Debate: Conventional Lighting or LED Lights?

We were for a very long time till now used to the conventional lighting procedures which was slowly replaced by the CFL bulbs. The transition was made because the latter were found to be more energy efficient. 475 more words

Types of LED Emergency Lights of Major Police Supply

Major police supply is known for LED Emergency Lights of different shapes and sizes with long lasting nature. These emergency lights are well-equipped with LED technology which is highly useful in various applications including interior mount, exterior mount, dash mount, undercover and many more. 264 more words

Maximize Your Lighting Needs with Major LED Light Bar

Major police supply is renowned for supplying and installing emergency vehicle equipments in the country. It holds a great specialization in this field. Major LED Light Bar… 278 more words

Major Body Cameras Features and Usability

Major body cameras are renowned as multi-functional and multi-purpose law enforcement devices offering a huge range of usability. These cameras yield high performance and good longevity. 291 more words