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The Tangible Superhero

Here we are, health care specialists devoting most of our days to the hospital. (Side Note- Props to all the community nurses out there I couldn’t do what you do). 567 more words

Items to Have in an Emergency

Since I live in the Midwest, tornadoes rule LOL I’ve seen my fair share of those and micro bursts. I like to go camping and do all kinds of stuff as well, and you would be surprised how little things can go a long way. 475 more words

Бомжи Бишкека: Один за всех и каждый сам за себя?

Бедность, нищета и неравный доступ к ресурсам являются актуальными вопросами современного мира; однако, эти извечные проблемы человечества далеко не новы. Нужно ли протягивать руку помощи тем, кто живет в меньшем достатке, стоит ли класть мелочь в руки просящего и почему у кого-то есть все, а у кого-то ничего? 8 more words


Curling Up Sick

On Thursday I thought I was dying. Or at very least, wishing I was.

His Lordship thinks it was stomach flu. I only know it was that nastiest of nausea, where your belly is screaming and you wish you could just be sick and get it over with, except that you just can’t throw up. 754 more words


Panicky Dragon is Trying Not to Panic #crowdfunding #rent #emergency again

So, the PT retail job I had didn’t work…. I’m not entirely sure what happened. Anyway, I’ve been able to skate by with school funds the last couple of months… but now that’s all gone. 525 more words