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United fuel leak : more update

A united Boeing 767-300, performing flight UA-865 from hamburg to Newark with about 195 passengers and 11 crew, stopped climbing at FL240 and entered into hold pattern. 49 more words

Southwest reports smoke in cockpit

A southwest airlines flight operated by a Boeing 737-800 performing Las Vegas to Denver with 181 passengers on board stopped climb at 11500 ft as pilots on board reported smoke in the cockpit and returned for a safe landing after 15 minutes of departure… 20 more words

Powerful 7.1 earthquake will test Mexico’s emergency response

JUDY WOODRUFF: In another major story today:An earthquake shook Central Mexico, knocking down buildings and killing at least 61 people.
The quake measured 7.
1 and was centered about75 miles southeast of Mexico City. 12 more words

Putting Out Fires...

Our first week of training has been interesting so far. The company has started running us like we’re already a team, but I’ve only just begun training my wife how to drive a truck. 745 more words


Disaster & Emergency 2016

Below; I just uploaded a never seen before ‘Disaster and Emergency’ stop animation by my S2, based on Munch’s ‘Scream’ painting. I don’t know why I never uploaded this before…? 40 more words

Pupil Work

5 Tips on How to Prepare for a Disaster on a Budget

Whenever I think about emergency preparedness, it sounds like a lot of work and a lot of money. When money is tight, it’s hard to make emergency preparedness a priority. 618 more words

Risks & Hazards

Stop the Nay Saying

I want to take a moment and address something I’ve been seeing in our hobby. I’ve seen plenty of arguments both online and in person about the less expensive HT and mobile rigs put out by Chinese manufacturers. 119 more words

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