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EDC: Compasses

Compasses… We probably should’ve posted about these things earlier. Oh, speaking of which, sorry this post and the last one and the next few have been so far out of schedule. 305 more words


Fire! Fire!

This past week was definitely full of experiences! I got to experience my first engine fire during start on Tuesday, along with having maintenance problems in other airplanes for the rest of the week. 703 more words


EDC 2: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more important than you think. Obviously they make it easier to see when it’s sunny, but what more can they do? Believe it or not, they actually help keep your eyes safe from UV light that can damage your cornea. 240 more words


Navy and Air Force join the search for an Argentine submarine

Argentina investigating whether the vessel, with 44 crew members onboard, sent 7 emergency satellite calls on Saturday.


The Hospital Visit

Rain drizzled persistently on the windshield, the wipers struggling to clear all of the drops. Long streaks of water curved along the glass, blurring the red brake lights ahead of me. 1,018 more words

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