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Literacy Musing Mondays - Emergent Literacy

Welcome back to Literacy Musing Mondays. Emergent literacy skills are so important and encouraging reading at a young age is central to insuring your child is a lifelong reader. 1,523 more words

Book Review

Positive Reinforcement

Preschool aged children have brains that are still developing. Their logic centers and sense of empathy are still forming, and need guidance from adults in their lives such as parents and teachers to help their emotional development. 614 more words

Child Based

What Does "Emergent" Mean?

What does “emergent” mean when it comes to teaching and curriculum? Emergent means the ideas for the lesson plans form a little more organically. The ideas come from what you notice the children (or child, depending on how many children you are working with) have been interested in, and you find ways to explore those topics and to tie them into other topics such as strengthening letters, number concepts, shapes, colors, etc. 355 more words

Child Based

Designing Apps for Joint Media Engagement

by Elizabeth Carolan and Susan Rvachew

The market for educational apps and e-books is exploding, with no controls for quality or assurances of effectiveness. How are parents and educators to find apps to suit the needs of their children among the tens of thousands of apps available in this “ 1,176 more words

Emergent Literacy - Interview with Karen Van Zetten

Karen Van Zetten, Children’s Librarian at Rathbun Free Memorial Library in East Haddam, Conn., discusses Babytime, a parent-child program at the library that helps with emergent literary, pre-reading and writing skills that develop before a child can actually read. 59 more words

New Media

Inquiry Blog Checkpoint 3- Data Analysis

During class on Wednesday I decided to organize and analyze my data to get a better understanding of my inquiry blog. I was able to organize the data that I have been collected into three categories. 723 more words

// The Focus Student Scoop \\

**Example of Neville’s writing.**

Recently, I have been gathering information on a student in my class. His name is Neville and I found certain qualities about him very interesting. 936 more words

Level 1 Internship