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New Life and the New Story a sermon for Easter 6A

Three years ago, when Acts 17:22-31 last came round in the lectionary, I had the distinct pleasure of baptizing our grand-daughter. This sermon welcomes her to this grand journey of life that we travel as companions. 1,888 more words

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Report 21 - Minutes of the Proceedings of the National Youth assembly of the Church of Scotland 2016

Number of deliverances – 0
Length of report – 5pages

whats the report about?
The minutes of proceedings of the National Youth assembly gives General Assembly an update on the issues and discussions considered by a group of 17-25 year olds from within the church of scotland. 140 more words


The Path That Rocks

Is, or was, the emerging church merely a passing fad primarily for bored yuppies smugly unhappy with their conventional suburban churches and pining for a spiritual theater more hip and supposedly more relevant?

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Emerging Church

Long Stack - The Shack and Windblown Media's Response


“Those who have been captured by this story are encouraged to search the Scriptures to see if these things are so and not trust us or the ravings of those who misinterpret this book, either threatened by its success, or those who want to ride on it to push their own fear-based agenda.”

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Good Friday Sermons

Holy Week marks a sharp uptick in visitors to this blog. In comments, messages, and emails I hear from fellow preachers who, like me, are daunted by the task of preparing the Good Friday sermon. 254 more words

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Postmodern, Emerging Church?

My current understanding of the postmodern and emerging church is its desire to reject traditional Christianity and Christianity’s historic doctrines and teachings, even to the setting aside of biblical scripture, if necessary. 385 more words