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The Church is Alive and Well!

The Church has been alive and well for 2000 years.

In some matters, nothing has changed.  In other ways, everything has changed.  The Church has been reformed, restored and reimagined.   868 more words

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Christian Unity ... Think About It (Part 8)

What do you think about these two statements – 

“So was Jesus’s death necessary for our redemption? From God’s end of it did Jesus have to die?

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How Can We Be on Fire When We Feel Burned Out?


How can we be on fire when we feel burned out?

That might be the question that the Church is really asking on this Pentecost Sunday – maybe you’re asking it of yourself as well. 1,310 more words

While Preachers Dutifully Ponder the Doctrine of the Trinity, Our Congregations Shrink???

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday.  In anticipation, preachers all over the world are dutifully pondering the Doctrine of the Trinity desperately searching for something to say to encourage their congregations. 2,232 more words

Progressive Christianity

Christian Unity ... Think About It (Part 7)

We are looking into a unity movement in and around the Christian community known as Emergent Church. Tony Jones, one of the founders of the movement, defined terms within the movement like this: 1,760 more words

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Christian Unity ... Think About It (Part 6)

In our last article about Christian Unity, we looked at one of the founders of the Emergent/Emerging Church – Tony Jones. In fact, the E/EC movement had its beginnings at his family’s cabin in the north woods of Minnesota at the turn of the 21st century. 1,800 more words

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The Decline and Death of the Church

Recently, folks across the region of the denomination that I will be ordained into in a couple of months were asked the question:  “What do you understand your parish’s  goals/priorities to be at this time?” 1,124 more words