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Whatever happened to the Emerging Church?

Although it was a tightly kept secret known only to myself, seven to eight years ago I was a theological revisionist. I believed that Orthodoxy was pretty much old hat, that Christianity had to recognise itself as just one religion amongst many, that Jesus was a thoroughly decent religious leader but no more, and that God was more an impersonal spiritual presence than the personal source of all existence. 1,114 more words


From Conservative Review:

There’s been a lot of justifiable hand-wringing regarding the Christian vote in this election cycle. Unfortunately, the reality is even worse than the perception. 871 more words

Signs Of The Times

The Coming Winter: A Forecast for Western Churchianity

Outside my window I see change is in the air.  Leaves are turning various shades of orange, yellow and red.  The temperatures are dipping.  The days are getting shorter.   1,421 more words

American Church

Christians and Trump

From The Resurgent:

This is something that has “boggled” me, I cannot understand for the life of me why Christians, and even worse so Called Christian Leaders think that they HAVE to publicly endorse Donald Trump! 21 more words

Signs Of The Times

An Overview of Prophecy with Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Mondays Meditation:  An Overview of Prophecy with Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Recently I’ve been meditating on the role of prophecy in this new post modern age.  Often we get so many mixed messages about what prophecy is and too often I see the Old Testament style of prophecy being demonstrated and it really grates on my spirit.   1,195 more words

Monday's Meditation

A Prayer for The Rest of Us

As anyone who has followed this blog will know, my Spiritual Journey  has been a bumpy, beautiful, exasperating, and unexpectedly winding road.

I grew up as a regular church goer and raised my children in the same manner. 327 more words


"How It Works, Part II"

(This also appeared in the Faith column of the Sentinel-News in Shelbyville, KY on September 2, 2016)

“We admitted we were powerless over our addiction – that our lives had become unmanageable.” … 900 more words