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The Great Shut-Down

I have seen as well what this article details, people no longer care about eschatology or discernment, they just want to hear positive things.

from Lighthouse Trails Research: 1,204 more words

Signs Of The Times

He’s a Superstar Pastor. She Worked for Him and Says He Groped Her Repeatedly

We have seen this in the past and there are two major errors that lead to this kind of conduct: 1. Raising a pastor up to be a CEO Superstar type of figure who becomes immune to oversight. 2,281 more words

Signs Of The Times

A Problem with Justice

He was one of those lean, sallow types, soft-spoken and unexcitable, a disposition many today would call “laid-back” or “casual” (he seemed to walk and talk in slow motion), and what young, gullible Christians would applaud as evidence of the Christ-like virtue of holiness, because he did speak softly and loftily in Gandhian abstractions and with some intensity about the ideals of love and justice, and his hair, a retro-70s look (picture Davy Jones of the Monkees), identified him thankfully as a rebel. 416 more words

Emerging Church

Eternal NOW! - BRUNCHtalks 4

Can a first century understanding of Hell and Heaven free Christianity from its obsession with the next life and our cultural nonsense about heaven and hell? 41 more words

Progressive Theology

I Am Not a Christian! I Aspire to Be a Christian! - BRUNCHtalks 3

In our third BRUNCHtalks, we continue to explore what it means to be “Progressive in Approach: Christ-like in action!” Focusing upon a progressive approach to Christianity, we look to the Way of Jesus to reveal ways of being Christian in the 21st century.

Progressive Theology

Designed to Leave: Creating Space in the Church for Postmodern Generations

The world is changing, Church.

Blockbuster Video is down to it’s last store in Bend, OR. Toys R Us closed it’s doors in June 2018. Meanwhile,  1,146 more words

American Church

The WORDS of GOD - Catherine Faber

From desert cliff and mountaintop we trace the wide design, 
Strike-slip fault and overthrust and syn and anticline… 
We gaze upon creation where erosion makes it known,  307 more words

Progressive Theology