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Week 9: Creative Workshop

In today’s session with Jared we continued working on our projects.

I asked for feedback on my designs and Jared said the bottom navigation bar didn’t really work because it’s hard to recognise

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Making Movies

Myth One: Pit Bulls are Inherently Vicious Animals

Myth Two: Once a Fighting Dog Always a Fighting Dog

So this is what I have been working on. 125 more words

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Lucca Display

So after some deliberation and an inspiring email from Prof. Miller, I have decided instead of doing some animations I am going to do videos for my Myth Busters. 517 more words

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Week 8: Social Media Marketing

Date: 14th November 2017

Social Media Marketing

In today’s session, we looked at social media marketing and how to make a good and successful social media campaign. 1,129 more words

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Multimedia In support of Universal Design for Learning

Transforming media from one form to another (transmedia, transduction) supports Universal Design principles and allows multiple means of expression and representation. Student engagement is greater and socialization encourages the use of multiple talents. 37 more words

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Week 7: Critique Review

Date: 7th November 2017

Critique Review & Changes to my project

In today’s session we had a review of our project so far, discussed the learning objectives and assessment criteria and also went through our projects, discussing progress as well as any immediate concerns. 134 more words

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