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Animation as an Instructional Designer's Tool

Abstract of new chapter by Richard Mayer (2017) in the edited book:   Learning from Dynamic Visualization  Eds. Richard Lowe (1)  Rolf Ploetzner (2)     pp379-386

New Instructional Design Strategies: 284 more words

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Fun for students, encourages research

This article explains how to use some free apps and pictures of scientists, authors, historical figures, etc., and have students script information about them.   The free apps allow the recording of the scripts using their own voice or the voice of their choosing and then animating a still photograph so that it appears to be speaking the words.   50 more words

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Animation in Stem courses

This research report is available in full online.


The researchers used a quasi-expermental design with three groups.   They tested for various demographic variables within the groups and there were no differences.   165 more words

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Main topic, animation and learning

Good open access article explaining the research on using animations for instruction with significant results in physiology for the experimental groups.  Study took place at an army medical college and used McGraw Hill medical animations. 29 more words

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Why visualize data?

My father always quoted someone, maybe Mark Twain, that figures don’t lie but liars can figure.

These 12 Graphs Show Why Data Viz Is So Important… 38 more words
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Innovate Impact

Tomorrow I will be attending Innovate Impact at Ohio State University and hope to hear the latest in instructional design methods and the use of animation and visuals to improve instructional design strategies. 104 more words

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Visualize, visualize, visualize

Much needed in our multi-cultural society where our own citizens do not always have the skills nor motivation to comprehend and analyze a text only stories.

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