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Meril, New Orleans, La. Report #82

This is an Emeril Lagasse restaurant located in the CBD of New Orleans.  Beautiful, spacious place with an extensive and very diverse menu, which turned out to be the best thing about it.  731 more words


Brussels Sprouts-Redo

I discovered some tricks with the Brussels Sprouts today and decided to share. I cooked bacon earlier for the recipe so I left some of the fat on the sheet pan. 96 more words


I think I have become obsessed with going to Emeril’s Coastal Italian restaurant. David and I went again last night.  The food is incredible, and the service is perfect.  149 more words

ze pun-ch line no. 52

Fern: “Oh my Gawd, Vern, did you see where that fancy pants Emeril quit cookin` to drive forklift?”

Vern: “Lawd, what you say!”

pun-ch line… 22 more words

Ze Jokez

Bacon Vinaigrette

When David and I went to the new Emeril’s restaurant (Emeril’s Coastal Italian), he had the Brussels Sprouts.  They had this vinaigrette on them that was wonderful. 199 more words


Friday, November 24, 2017

Banjo, Bartman, CK, Emeril , Ma Bell, Midget for Life , Tecumseh,

Just a little chatter leading up to Friday night’s Ruck following Thanksgiving with several die hard ruckers out of town while others had family obligations. 375 more words

Ma Bell

Emeril's Homemade Stock Recipe: A Must for any Serious Home Cook.

My husband (Jeffers) is a ferocious cook.  He was raised in a house where gourmet cooking was introduced at infancy.  My mother-in-law is the Yoda of home chefs.   551 more words