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The Hidden Key that Unlocks God's Truth

The Alpha and Omega or the Aleph and Tav is referring to Jesus Christ because He is the beginning and the end, and it is referring to God’s Covenant because¬† 2,407 more words

Aslan and the Gospel | A Muddled Salvation

Criticism of The Chronicles of Narnia is rare.¬† A Christian’s criticism of it is almost unheard of.

In my view, Christians ought to be the people at the front of the line to examine their own literature and see if it’s Biblically sound. 3,211 more words

Kisses of a Lion

By now, I’ve made it pretty clear that I hate the character of Aslan and a lot of the theology he portrays.¬† But, as if that weren’t bad enough, … 1,752 more words