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Belgium is a poisonous place to live. New lifegoal.

I’ve been having my ups and downs lately. A few weeks before, it was going so good and I started to get optimistic. But now things are getting downwards again and my negative thoughts are back. 719 more words



Hello All

And what a lovely evening it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The date….16th February 2017

The time….11:03 am

The location….Standing in my rented kitchen just about to take the dogs for a walk… 597 more words


Guest Post: The UK 5 Tier Visa System: Everything You Need to Know

Today’s guest post is curtesy of Ryan Duffy who shares his knowledge on the UK’s 5 tier work visa system!  As a Brit that went through the USA visa process, it’s interesting to see how it is for people wanting to move to my home country from overseas (and for those outside the EU…although no one really knows how that’s panning out at the moment…)! 679 more words


15. Medical Checks

Hello All,

I’m feeling slightly inspired to add a few more posts to the good old blog and I am hoping that people reading these posts could be finding them useful and entertaining. 849 more words


14. Stages….More Stages than a Stage Coach!

Hello All,

The date is 04/02/17 and on a wet (yet again, although with uncharacteristic sunshine outside!) Saturday morning, I have decided to put electronic pen to paper. 583 more words


Travelling on a USA Green Card

I wasn’t too concerned about the differences of travelling on a green card, all I knew was that I HAD to make sure that little bit of plastic came with me, along with my passport, otherwise getting back into America would have been a right pain! 624 more words


As Irish as Bono!

I have lived 8 years in Ireland and even though it was a love/hate relationship at times, thinking about all the memories fills my heart with joy ( okay, it also lets me shiver sometimes as well). 1,102 more words