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It's London, Darling

Hello, dear readers!
Since I opened this blog, I’ve shared with you some moments of my life, and I think this major step into adulthood has to be included in the list. 608 more words


Our Budget In a 4 Year Plan

Spring has almost sprung here in Southern Ontario.  I saw my first chipmunk of the year yesterday & a fair bit of road kill today so it’s safe to say that things are starting to wake up, we can see grass!  520 more words


Running up that Hill*

…with no problems! Well alright, not running, I mean no-one in their right mind runs to get to work, especially up a hill. But it struck me this morning that it’s been six months that I’ve been walking up this hill to work every day, and I hardly even notice it anymore. 1,021 more words


Travelling light

We’ve finally moved house – and country. I guess we’ve emigrated but that makes us sound like retirees who want to finally get some sun. But we’ve emigrated back to the UK – weirdos that we are. 190 more words

Our plan to emigrate to Belize from Canada & one of our income ideas.

I thought I’d give a brief outline of our plans. I’m new to this blogging lark so will just see where it takes me!

All we have to do is finish our house ready to go on the market in April, sell our businesses here in Canada, sell our house, cars & all our possessions & fly down to Belize – simple…we’ve done it once when we emigrated from England to Canada so we figure we can do it again. 501 more words


Your very own slice of 'La Belle Vie'!

Just €365,000 will buy you your very own slice of La Belle France! Situated an hour’s drive south of the famous Bordeaux wine region and a couple of hours drive east of the beautiful beaches of Biarritz, this renovated 19th century farmhouse offers the perfect hideaway. 17 more words

Dog-Tail Monopoly

We play Monopoly as a family occasionally, most often on Sundays, when we want to get into bitter, dark arguments with each other than will carry us on a tide of hatred into at least the following Thursday. 534 more words