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I follow from a distance, stay on the safe side
like the undecided article before your nouns. At nightfall
I cling to the arc of your language, my own preserved… 143 more words


What do you mean I can't bring the dog?

People say that deciding to go is the hardest part of leaving. I disagree. The hardest part of leaving is ignoring the scared voice in your head that’s telling you you should stay. 246 more words

Travel & Exploring

Our I-130 Visa Timeline *on going post*

I understand that circumstances can differ depending on lots of different factors.  This is our experience of the I-130 Visa process.

The applicant (my husband) is: living in the USA, and is a USA citizen by birth. 78 more words


Clearing out my closet 

I decided when I first started applying for my Visa that this would be a complete fresh start for me. A chance to wipe the slate clean and leave all my negative memories back in England, my old life. 273 more words


Prologue: Bye Bye, Jeremy

Alright Jezza?

I know you’ve been getting a lot of letters recently. It’s nice to receive a letter; I recently received a letter that told me I had to pay quite a lot of money to the State.   2,023 more words


2015-Holy Shit! When did that happen?!?

“Aude Sapere-Dare to Know”

I’ve not blogged for months. I’ve lost interest in it and ran out of time. I started blogging thinking it would be a good project to look back on from Canada but I always promised to not let it become a chore so I stopped. 584 more words


Layered lives

Our flat is the bottom two floors of a four-storey Victorian terraced house. It’s one of a dozen near-identical houses in a row, punctuated by an ugly red-brick council estate at one end and a semi-detached pair at the other. 1,981 more words