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Funny bone

The beginning of the holidays, instead of smoking the kids out of the neighbouring houses, seems to make them vanish altogether. Where have they all gone, we wonder – off to the seaside, perhaps, or Spain, or to visit their grandparents in Lincolnshire, or to school holiday programmes or whatever working Londoners do with their kids over the summer. 1,477 more words

24th July: Emigrating from the UK

Friday 24/07/2015
Andie writing

So, after quite a lull, we are restarting the blog! That’s because we are back on the road (or rails or air…) again. 1,410 more words

10 days left in South Africa

I knew for a long time this day would come. The day when I would have to leave my homeland, country of birth, the place I love. 296 more words


Ball games

Normal summer transmission resumes and London goes back to being grey and warmish and intermittently drizzly. We settle into a routine: Hapless heading off for the daily commute, the rest of us tackling ‘summer school’ – a little daily homeschooling and light masochism. 1,237 more words

3 Weeks to Go: plane phobia!

I have less than 3 weeks left in England. It feels bizarre knowing that. Emigrating is a strange old thing. I suspect the waiting for the move date is the worst part, rather than the actual move. 624 more words


It was raining heavily as we started our decent for Dublin. Big grey clouds blocking my view of the Wicklow mountains. As we touch down, the only worry I have is that we skid of the runway, did i put on clean knickers!!!!? 626 more words


Hello, London

We arrive at Heathrow at midday on a sweltering late-June Friday. We emerge sweaty and exhausted from the brutal half-hour Customs queue and spy Hapless waving bashfully from the crowd at the Arrivals barrier. 1,561 more words