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Staying Positive During the Visa Wait

Yes, this visa wait sucks.  I’m guessing that as it’s Thanksgiving today, the people at the visa processing centre have probably got the rest of the week off too.   880 more words


Why are we moving to Sydney?

For us, there were a few different reasons…


My role had been heavily influenced by the local economy in Aberdeen and the oil price.  Unfortunately in 2014 the faint murmurs of a downturn started to trickle down the grapevine and by early 2015 there was wide spread cost cutting and redundancies taking place.  565 more words


A change can do you good...

A radical change needed to happen for us.

In summer 2015 we put the wheels in motion.

By Autumn the job offer was in place. 28 more words


Travel is a funny thing.

Travel is a funny thing. It does all the things that we associate it with. It broadens our horizons and it makes us more worldly. It satiates our sense of adventure and opens our eyes. 927 more words


The rubber hits the road

This is where the emigrating shit gets real: when you pack your kids off to a strange school in a strange country, where along with the unfamiliar faces so much else is foreign too: the accents, the vocabulary, the routines, the things that everyone else seems to know by osmosis but no one quite explains. 1,205 more words

This part of our guide to emigrating to Australia looks at Australian migration agents…

Migration agents are professionals who are experienced in helping people obtain visas for emigrating overseas. You don’t need to use one to apply for an Australian visa, however, using one for your migration can significantly quicken the process and, in some cases, even save you money as you can be certain that your application will be submitted correctly the first time. 3,881 more words


How I got a job

It’s with a mixture of elation, relief, and shock that today I can finally say: I have a job!

This past year has been an amazing experience, but it always felt dampened by my un/self/under-employment. 1,299 more words