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Travelling on a USA Green Card

I wasn’t too concerned about the differences of travelling on a green card, all I knew was that I HAD to make sure that little bit of plastic came with me, along with my passport, otherwise getting back into America would have been a right pain! 624 more words


As Irish as Bono!

I have lived 8 years in Ireland and even though it was a love/hate relationship at times, thinking about all the memories fills my heart with joy ( okay, it also lets me shiver sometimes as well). 1,102 more words


I'm Moving!

On today, what would have been my friend Alice’s 22nd birthday and the first day of 2017, I’ve decided to give myself a kick up the arse and pick up where I left off on my blog. 341 more words


Over and out

It’s late August and I’ve barely finished the six loads of laundry from our Barcelona holiday when I fall down a wormhole of work. When I emerge again, it’s winter and we’re only weeks from our London departure date. 1,777 more words

Common Questions

Over the last few weeks and months I have told a lot of different people about my impending move to Australia. Some of these people are old friends, some of these people are new faces in my life. 489 more words


Flying visits

It’s been well over 2 months since we got back from our trip to England. Where has the time gone?! I set out a plan for two blogs in our first week back, but only one has materialised so far. 1,416 more words


How'd you end up in Saint John?

That would be the number one question I am asked as a newcomer to this town. 169 more words