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How'd you end up in Saint John?

That would be the number one question I am asked as a newcomer to this town. 169 more words


The perils of property sales

So all was going so well. Deposit made on our new NZ home, completion date agreed, when we receive the news that here in the UK our buyer’s buyer is a con merchant. 103 more words


Exploring Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks Park is home to the Flowerpot Rocks – the famous rock formations carved by the Bay of Fundy’s extreme tidal range. At low tide you can walk on the ocean floor and marvel at the unusual shaped rocks that tower 70 feet above you. 139 more words


Exploring the Rez Trails

Little River Reservoir Park lies in east Saint John.  The 3.34km trail loops around the reservoir, over bridges, through wetlands and woods.

There are sandy beach spots (and pirate ship playgrounds)… 22 more words


New pathways and mixed feelings

I’ve tried to write this post a few times. It’s never quite come out as it feels in my head.

The trouble is, I don’t really know how I feel. 617 more words


Settling in

It’s been a busy week since my arrival. Emma and I have been working on the last of the paperwork needed for my visa, things are finally speeding up! 871 more words


T-Minus 50 days

In 50 days I go to Australia!

This whole move will have been a very long time coming. I got the teaching job in Australia way back in April 2016. 543 more words