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Unfortunately, fortunately

Stability. Settledness. A mostly predictable order to things.


It lasts about four days.

It’s the first week of my new nannied-up routine and I’m just relaxing into the roomy new shape of my week when the email arrives from the letting agent. 971 more words

I'm Actually GTFO (Getting The F*** Out)

Of Australia. I’M ACTUALLY LEAVING. WE’RE ACTUALLY LEAVING. Oh my freaking god. We will be so cold this Christmas. Cold! In Christmas!!

I found out that I got into the University of York to study archaeology a few months ago. 338 more words

My Leaving Letter to England

Dear England,

You have been my home for the past 28 years and now it’s almost coming to an end.  I have been given the final date to have my interview to become a permanent resident of that big ole country on the other side of the pond.   728 more words


Top 10 Kiwi words and phrases I have learned

When making the decision to emigrate from the UK to NZ there were lots of things to consider, but something Mr Sazmo and I never really worried about was living in a different culture. 768 more words

Uk To NZ

A step towards emigration..

If you only knew how long I was staring at my screen, cracking my brain if it was either “Immigrating” or “Emigrating”? I googled the sh%t out of it just to make sure I am using the right term. 1,026 more words


Expats major reason behind moving in another country revealed by new research

Over a third of expatriates relocate overseas to find work but a large number want to experience a fresh surrounding, community and also life-style and also to join family members currently residing in another region, new research finds. 671 more words


Friends and other animals

My attempts at friend-making have continued over the past couple of weeks with varied results. I think the most interesting encounter I’ve had was in the McDonalds across from my office (I know, how am I supposed to stop myself having a Big Mac EVERY DAY?!). 651 more words