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All our things are in our house!

We finished unpacking our last box at the weekend, so I thought this was an appropriate time for a blog post.

Packing everything up in the UK was enjoyable on some days, mostly when we were eating bacon sandwiches with the removal guys and they were sharing horror stories about some of the things they have moved over the years (I can’t repeat them here). 618 more words

Why I left Ireland and why I still haven't moved back

I’ve written a blog before on emigration and the positive aspects of emigrating, but this time I want to delve into why I emigrated, why I left Ireland in the first place, and why, six years later, I still haven’t moved back. 877 more words


What to Include in the I-130 USA Visa Package

In this post, I will go through exactly what we included in the I-130 USA Visa Package.  This is the very first pack in the whole process.   770 more words


Remember my old friend?

Do you remember my old pal, the wonderful 83 year old kerryman who very reluctantly emigrated two years ago to England? It struck me today that I’ve never updated you all on how he’s doing. 511 more words


Camping in Ashley Gorge

Being strong fans of family camping holidays we thought we better crack on and get out there!

Second hand tent brought rather painlessly off ‘Trade Me’ 452 more words

New Zealand

and just let that sh*t go

The last couple of weeks have been full of ‘the last time we do this’ experiences. My last commute to work (although I’m going to kind of miss that, riding down the canal through Regents Park and Camden), last visit to Brixton village for food, last Sunday roast at our favourite local pub, last time my mum came for a visit to London and many more little and sometimes insignificant ‘last times’. 665 more words


Behold, the Adventure-bug

One of my earliest memories is of my Dad picking me up, tucking me under his arm, and running into the sea where my brother and cousins were already splashing and giggling, as the waves crashed around them. 969 more words