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It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I have written a blog. Since I have written anything, actually. I have tried, so many times. But every time I read it back, I’m horrified by what I see on the screen. 1,935 more words


Ok let's do it...

So as I write this, it so happens that I’m approximately 13 days away from hopping on a couple of long hauls and emigrating to New Zealand – it still doesn’t really feel real yet despite being so near, but it is, and I am so very excited (and obviously a teeny bit nervous about it all too). 151 more words


BisQuit Playing Games...

Buenas tardes :)

So, it’s been quite a while since my last post on valenciandoporlavida which means that I have a montón of things to talk about today!  1,063 more words


Some Summer Sun

G’day Readers.

Another eternity has passed since the last post. Trying to work out how the months can sail past as quickly as they do requires a brain far more capable than mine. 260 more words


A place in the... sun?

So if you remember my last post, I was dodging real estate spanners like nobody’s business.

60% mortgage? No biggie, I’ll just work for a year, get my residency, and hopefully qualify for a 70% mortgage. 643 more words



Yet again the ISIS scum have targeted London ?

What do they get from this promises of virgins when they’re dead ? What point is that… 133 more words

How NOT to be an illegal alien. Get your NIE and Social Security Number in two hours in Valencia (EU citizens)

How to get your NIE and Social Security Number in two hours in Valencia if you are an EU citizen.  (Yes, this currently includes Brits, thankfully) 1,170 more words