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An Emigrant's Tale

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I must sleep now and rest my mind, allow it to unwind
What is this at my throat, who is this man… 356 more words


For winter, it's not a bad gig šŸ˜Š

For Winter, it’s not a bad gig šŸ˜Š

The last 2 months have gone so fast, I think it’s because my poor brain has had to adjust to office work again, after 11-ish years off šŸ˜† 479 more words


North American Schengen?

My neighbors have a sign proclaiming that they do not believe any human can be considered illegal. It’s a nice sentiment.

Many on the American left decry policies of prosecution and deportation of those who entered the US illegally or overstayed their visas. 473 more words


Flax, Farming, and Food: How Scotch-Irish Immigrants Contributed to New England Society in the 18th Century

The industry received a fresh impulse through the immigration of about one hundred Irish families from Londonderry. They settled in New Hampshire on the Merrimac about 1719, and spun and wove with far more skill than prevailed among those English settlers who had already become Americans […]Ā There was much public excitement over spinning, and prizes were offered for quantity and quality.

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An Emigrant's Tale (#2)

My father, John Grubb, a ship-builder by trade, came to New Zealand in 1847, and after spending about a year in Wellington, went to Lyttelton under agreement with the… 200 more words

Social History

Giessen Emigration Society

In July of 1833, the organizers of those that became Members of theĀ Giessen Emigration SocietyĀ as found on the Ship Arrival Lists, Friedrich Muench and Paul FolleniusĀ published the… 371 more words


Digital Nomads Are a Reflection of Our Random, Chaotic World

The world is neither cruel nor joyous. It is simply random, full of particles hurtling, chemicals mixing and reacting. There is no real order. There is no preordained cursing of the evil and protecting of the righteous. 1,170 more words

The Translation Business