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Ferarri ISN'T made in Ferrara

It might come to you as a surprise but luxurious Ferrari cars have nothing to do with the town of Ferrara. Ferrari cars are actually made in another Italian town: Maranello. 700 more words


Veni, Vidi, Eat-i: Italy, Part I

In the piazza in Florence surrounding the Duomo, there’s a souvenir shop simply called That’s Italia!, which is the perfect description for the whole country. It’s a way to rationalize away all the crap you encounter here: nightmarishly complicated bureaucracy; mismanagement and inefficiency; horrible drivers; everything closed at inexplicable times and things never running on time, or on any schedule at all. 3,277 more words

La Macchina

Driving a Ferrari on the streets of Maranello was a definite alpha Italy experience so when motorvalley.com launched in March with information and locations of Italian automobile… 140 more words


Postcard from Ferrara, Italy: The magnetic pull of cemeteries

Taking a little sabbatical in the midst of writing the final chapter of a book about the families living around the Coker Settlement, an assignment that has me digging, figuratively speaking, through… 236 more words


Video An Aerial View of Emilia Romagna

An Aerial View Of Emilia Romagna

Romagna Sunny Place, Sweet Country, with these words Giovanni Pascoli, Poet, describes this region where the Etruscan, Roman, and Gauls’ civilization are always present. 278 more words