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Discover Bologna: A city untouched by mass tourism! 

The capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna is completely off the beaten track.

During my first weekend in Italy, I visited Bologna! Often overlooked by tourists, this city is lovingly referred to as La Dotta (The Learned), for its oldest university; La Rossa (The Red), for the warm colors of its roofs and houses, and La Grassa (The Fat), for being a foodie’s paradise!

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Mối duyên nợ với Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna là sự lựa chọn đầu tiên và duy nhất của mình khi quyết định một cuộc đổi dời dài hơi đến Ý, một vùng bình nguyên trù phú với Via Emilia – con đường của đế chế La Mã cổ xưa mang trong mình những trầm tích lịch sử hàng thế kỷ,  cũng là nơi mang lại cho mình niềm cảm hứng hơn tất thảy Roma, Firenze, Venezia hay Perugia,… 2,222 more words

Những Hành Trình Bé Mọn

Pelagic trip in the Adriatic sea

I took part to an amazing pelagic trip organized in the southern part (Ferrara province) of Po delta. A quite big boat went offshore for tens of miles in the Adriatic sea while a friend of mine, Fabio, provided a big quantity of sardines to a large crowd of Yellow-legged Gulls ( 242 more words


Tenerina cake

The main feature of this chocolate cake is a creamy inside covered by a crunchy outside.

Tenerina is a traditional dessert from Ferrara, a city in… 267 more words

Traditional Recipes


There are more recipes from Sardinia to follow, but for now let’s go to Emilia-Romagna for some classic meat-filled cannelloni. Cannelloni can be made using fresh pasta or store-bought pasta, and they can be filled with either spinach and ricotta or with meat. 636 more words


Bologna Restaurants


Absolute Favorite

Meloncello, Via Saragozza, 240/a http://www.trattoriameloncello.it Tel. 051 614 3947. Let the waiter describe the menu to you. All the pastas are rich and satisfying. 228 more words