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Spiel mir das Lied vom kalten Laminat

Ich habe einen eigenen Mutti-Soundtrack: Hymnen des Verzagens, des Liebens, des Hinschmeißen-Wollens. In dieser Playlist ist alles erlaubt.

Mein Sohn ist gestern drei geworden. Diese Jahreszeit, dieses erste Aufblühen, die schüchternen Krokusköpfe, das alles ist so eng verknüpft mit den Ostertagen 2015: dem letzten Spaziergang bevor er kam, der schüchterne Sonnenschein durch die Krankenhauslamellen, die erste Autofahrt mit ihm: wir hatten die Tasche einfach auf dem Parkplatz liegen gelassen, alles Wichtige, mein Goldmädchen und dieser verrückte kleine Junge waren ja schon fest verschnürt auf der Rückbank. 578 more words


The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini "Review"

Emiliana Torrini is a very versatile lady when it comes to music. She teams up with different writers and composers to create different albums every time she records and rarely stays in the same genre for long. 369 more words


Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Modern English

Mondays seem to be an oddly calming day for me lately. I don’t know what it is. I know I’m a sucker for first days and fresh starts, and that Mondays can signify that. 681 more words


Tolkien Week 2017: Gollum's Song

Rolling right along, we come to “Gollum’s Song” performed by Emiliana Torrini for The Two Towers. The title is pretty self-explanatory–it’s the story of Smeagol’s downfall, of his tragic transformation into Gollum, and what it foreshadows for Frodo. 56 more words

Random Things Of Randomness

#851: 'Heartstopper' - Emilíana Torrini

In about 2005 I discovered Emilíana Torrini by way of a music program that claimed she was basically ‘the next Björk’. Being a fan of Björk, I kept this name in my back pocket, for whenever I might want to look her up and discover her music. 281 more words

1000 Songs




This is new to me. I‘ve nothing but admiration for anyone who’s ever contributed one of these much-celebrated ICAs. Now I’m delighted and honoured to present one too but, ohh – it’s so hard! 1,488 more words

Emiliana Torrini

Love In The Time Of Science

What is it?

The 1999 music album Love In The Time Of Science by the Icelandic musician Emilíana Torrini, and the album’s name was inspired by the book  567 more words