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Zapatista: Vanguard of the Anti-Globalization Revolution

‘January 1st : Uprising! The Zapatistas declare war on the Mexican government on behalf of the country’s indigenous people. They launch their uprising on this day because it is the date the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) goes into effect. 1,383 more words


There’s a certain brand of freedom that Washington sells to the world as ‘Democracy’ and we’re not buying it anymore.

Here’s our take on how they’re taking us for a ride… read more…

800-pound Gorilla


Ilustración para la revista Thoracis Rubens


#Frase de Emiliano Zapata

“Muchos de ellos, por complacer a tiranos, por un puñado de monedas, o por cohecho o soborno están traicionando y derramando la sangre de sus hermanos.”

de Emiliano Zapata


Sean Swain Refusing Medication in Escalation of Hunger Strike.

From Sean Swain

With fascist fuckweasels ignoring his hunger strike, anarchist prisoner Sean Swain has vowed to refuse his blood pressure medication, beginning February 9. This medication keeps his blood pressure regulated. 350 more words

Quote of the day: 2/4/15

“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” –Emiliano Zapata

This is my #1 all time favorite quote. Long story short: I was a creative writing undergrad and this is the type of story I enjoyed writing about; the Mexican Revolutionary war. 205 more words

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