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Exploring Mexicanness in Maria Candelaria (1944)

          Maria Candelaria depicts a pre-Mexican Revolution era, where indigenous people, landlords and those of European descent live in tension and separation. One of the main themes of this film is the question of what it means to be Mexican and how defining that means bringing together the many elements that are part of the country’s history. 446 more words


Growing Numbers

The persecution of Maria Candelaria starts. Maria Candelaria (Emilio Fernández,1944)

Waiting in La Perla (Emilio Fernández,1947)

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Enamorada (1946)

There’s a fine line between melodrama and myth.  And maybe they’re inextricably linked.  What is it that transforms a familiar story with a predictable conflict into an archetypal struggle between pride and passion?  1,776 more words

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