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Notes in Emily Dickinson's pocket - "God gave a loaf to every bird" (Life, 53)

God gave a loaf to every bird,	
But just a crumb to me;	
I dare not eat it, though I starve,—	
My poignant luxury	
To own it, touch it, prove the feat
That made the pellet mine,—	
Too happy in my sparrow chance	
For ampler coveting. 70 more words

A Quote by Emily Dickinson

We only pass this way once, so might as well live it to the fullest.  Love completely,  bleed willingly. Taste all flavors of ice cream and lick them passionately.   33 more words


Handwritten Strands

Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet. Maybe favorite isn’t the correct word. She’s more like a guide, a trusted source who trod well the inner paths that makes all humans the same. 189 more words

Poet In My Head

Who Has a Herbarium?

I once did a presentation on “Guess Who Had a Herbarium?”  This was in the early days of my herbarium infatuation, and I was fascinated by the number of non-biologists who collected plant specimens.   166 more words


Notes in Emily Dickinson's pocket - "Victory comes late" (Life, 52)

Victory comes late,	
And is held low to freezing lips	
Too rapt with frost	
To take it.	
How sweet it would have tasted,
Just a drop! 69 more words

(About) Poetry and Me

I used to think Emily Dickinson lived a beautiful life, shut away in her room, writing poetry, secluded, solitary, reclusive. As a teenager, I thought, … 1,146 more words