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Fernbank: a Forest in the City

Emily Harrison once wrote to her parents, “These heartstrings of ours have a curious way of getting tangled up in things: particularly trees and rocks and hill slopes…but gradually I had come to feel that Fernbank was too big and too beautiful for family[‘s] consumption…The best thing to do with it would be to put it into the lives of children…” 429 more words

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Centred on the life of former 1991 and 1994 U.S champion and Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding, and directed by Lars and the Real Girl’s… 1,428 more words

FILM REVIEW: Molly's Game

Molly’s Game is intriguing. But then again, so is Molly Bloom’s life. Captivating and at times quite unbelievable, the story (narration, exposition, voiceover included), is the real body of the film. 1,512 more words

For Display Purposes Only by Emily Harrison

My son is now eighteen, has a full-time job and is happy. He is ‘functioning’. This comes after almost three years of depression which at its worst involved self-harm and suicidal ideation. 772 more words


FILM REVIEW: American Made

The trouble with watching a film starring Tom Cruise, is that you’re watching a film starring Tom Cruise. Like an inescapable truth, when watching a Cruise movie, the only thing you really see is him, such is his stardom. 1,189 more words

FILM REVIEW: Atomic Blonde

Badass is not a word I use lightly. In fact, it’s not a word I use at all, save for when it fits. With Atomic Blonde… 912 more words