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Fatal Women: 4 of History’s Most Ruthless Female Criminals

After looking through my past blog posts, it hit me – most of the criminals mentioned are men. Well, that doesn’t seem fair. Granted, most… 938 more words

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FBI Profiling of SERIAL KILLERS: 3 Notorious Cases

In 1972, the FBI established the Behavioral Science Unit (BSU). The unit’s goal was straightforward. It wanted to develop law enforcement techniques, procedures and tactics that focused on the psychology and behavior of violent criminals. 972 more words

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN: 31 Things That Scare Me

It’s the scariest month of the year and quickly coming to a close. I thought I’d keep up with the yearly tradition and post what actually scares a criminologist and crime fiction author. 339 more words

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Pump Up Your Book Presents DEAD COLD Virtual Book Publicity Tour #PUYB #ASMSG

Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Jennifer Chase’s DEAD COLD Virtual Book Tour September 4 – November 30!

DEAD COLD is a PUYB Top Pick! 711 more words

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California Serial Killers: 7 Notorious Golden State Psychos

California has a lot to offer. From the hills of Hollywood to the think tanks of Silicon Valley. From the beaches, up over the mountains and into the deserts. 873 more words

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The Great Heists: 6 of History’s Most Astonishing Robberies

Bank heists and other large scale robberies have been occurring pretty much since the advent of money. History has documented innumerable big-money heists, where brazen thieves have selfishly disregarded the personal safety of innocent workers and bystanders for the chance at a big score. 770 more words

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