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ANNOUNCEMENT: Pump Up Your Book Presents DEAD COLD Virtual Book Publicity Tour #PUYB #ASMSG

Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Jennifer Chase’s DEAD COLD Virtual Book Tour September 4 – November 30!

DEAD COLD is a PUYB Top Pick! 711 more words

Emily Stone Series

California Serial Killers: 7 Notorious Golden State Psychos

California has a lot to offer. From the hills of Hollywood to the think tanks of Silicon Valley. From the beaches, up over the mountains and into the deserts. 873 more words

Emily Stone Series

The Great Heists: 6 of History’s Most Astonishing Robberies

Bank heists and other large scale robberies have been occurring pretty much since the advent of money. History has documented innumerable big-money heists, where brazen thieves have selfishly disregarded the personal safety of innocent workers and bystanders for the chance at a big score. 770 more words

Emily Stone Series

Crime and Serial Killers: In the Beginning for Emily Stone

When Serial Killers Terrorize a California Beach Community, One Woman Stands in Their Way

Emily Stone doesn’t have a badge. But that hasn’t stopped her from tracking down some of the West’s most dangerous child-killers. 335 more words

Emily Stone Series

6 Groundbreaking Moments in Criminal Justice

Throughout history, the criminal justice system—both domestic and abroad—has been consistently challenged to develop innovations to combat the growing threats that confront society. Here are six historical moments that forever changed how law and order is preserved. 735 more words

Emily Stone Series

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ready and Excited to Jump Into 2017

Photo used by permission from Dreamstime

It’s hard to believe that another year has come to an end. As I look back and reflect on everything, it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, but there are so many things to be thankful for in 2016. 119 more words

Emily Stone Series

American Federal Justice: The FBI’s Top 5 Moments

Photo courtesy of mayatoday.com.

The Birth of the FBI

With no official name and only 34 agents, the Bureau was born on July 26, 1908. Teddy Roosevelt was the president at the time, and it was his Attorney General, Charles Bonaparte, that was the catalyst behind the creation of the Bureau. 713 more words

Emily Stone Series