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'Revenge': Emily Thorn is no More

Not only did Emily clear Daniel’s name, she also revealed who she really is, but was that maybe a step too far? Or was that her plan all along? 832 more words


Revenge Recap: The Details on Emily's Floral Dress at the Dramatic Reveal

The real Amanda Clarke is finally standing up. Last night on Revenge, Emily Thorne took the mic to make a major revelation—at the groundbreaking ceremony, she tells the crowd that Daniel Grayson saved her life when she was attacked by Malcolm Black, and that she is the real Amanda Clarke. 290 more words


'Revenge': With Loss Brings More Revenge

Is is just me or did Margaux do this to herself? Especially after what her henchman said: “I think it’s time we took that step to end this before she does.” 684 more words


'Revenge' fan react: The crooked trial of Jack Porter

Season 4 | Episode 17 | “Loss” | Aired Mar 22, 2015

Jack has never had the easiest time on ABC’s Revenge. If something bad happens because of Emily Thorne, Jack usually feels the blowback. 939 more words

Revenge Season 4, Episode 16: All About Victoria's Red Fourth of July Dress

What does the Queen of the Hamptons have in common with the Duchess of Cambridge? In addition to both of their glorious trademark hairstyles, they both know how to… 383 more words

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'Revenge': Emily's Friends are Collateral Damage

Margaux can’t get at Emily, so she’s going after her friends instead and she’s succeeded with Jack.

I use to like Margaux. I use to really like Margaux, but this vendetta has made her a cold hearted woman. 737 more words