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'Revenge': Emily VanCamp Reveals The Truth About Victoria's Heart

And just when we had finally started to let go of that red Sharpie! Following the series finale of ‘Revenge,’ fans were left with a few lingering questions, chief among them, whether Amanda’s life was actually saved with the help of Victoria! 310 more words

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Revenge's Emily VanCamp Speaks Out: Did Emily Really Get Victoria's Heart?

Despite the many storylines wrapped during last week’s Revenge series finale, viewers were left with one intentionally ambiguous question: Did Emily receive Victoria’s heart? 270 more words



After 4 seasons, the series has finally come to an end.

If you don’t know the premise, it’s about a girl Amanda Clarke who avenges her father who was set up by a group of people he had worked with to take the blame for a terrorist attack that killed a number of people. 174 more words


Curious attire for Cap and Agent 13 on set of Civil War

A few images of Cap and Agent 13 hit the internet today, courtesy of Just Jared. Anthony Mackie’s Falcon also popped up, but there’s not really much to say there other than…sweet. 304 more words



I don’t always get hooked on a TV show after just watching the pilot. It usually takes a few episodes, great storylines and of course good acting for me to get onboard. 288 more words

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Thoughts on Revenge finale (aka Hail Victoria Grayson and Nolan Ross)

I stopped watching Revenge sometime after Daniel’s death. Even though it was a very rounding-off-the-arc thing, I kind of didn’t like the idea of the show without Daniel Grayson. 660 more words


'Revenge' Review: It All Comes to an End

Emily Thorn succeeded in her revenge and she got to live happily ever after, not with out a few dozen scars though.

There was a lot of twist and turns as ‘Revenge’ came to an end. 712 more words