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The Long Burn of 'Revenge'

Can Victoria’s death confirm that ‘Revenge’ is ending? Nina Dobrev left ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and while I still believe there is no ‘TVD’ without Elena, there really is no ‘Revenge’ without Victoria. 701 more words


Revenge Season 4, Episode 20: Details on Victoria's Dress for That Final Scene

Major spoilers ahead, so if you didn’t watch last night’s episode of Revenge, stop reading now! For those of us who did tune in, hands up if you’re still recovering from the shocking ending—we know we are. 437 more words


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Remember how no one really cared about Captain America? Yeah in Avengers Assemble Iron Man had his clever lines, Thor had a massive hammer and Hulk SMASHED, Captain America was kind of forgotten. 673 more words

Please TV network - cancel Revenge!

Do not get me wrong, I used to love Revenge. I have stuck with from its very beginning and I will watch it right up until it ends – but I think that should be in four episodes time when season four comes to an end on May 10th. 322 more words


'Revenge': Amanda Clarke Exposed to the World

When we last saw Emily she was announcing to the world that she is Amanda Clarke. With that one statement, Emily Thorn is no more and neither is the revenger that we know and love. 814 more words


Emily Thorne's Hairstylist Reveals the DIY to Getting Her Revenge Waves

Struggled without your Revenge fix over the holiday weekend? Perhaps the secrets to achieving Emily Thorne’s (or should we say Amanda Clarke’s?) signature hairstyle will make up for it as you wait for the next episode to air this Sunday. 333 more words