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'Boogie man' by Steven Seagal and EMIN [VIDEO]

The idea of this musical duet came after EMIN and Steven agreed that both love the blues. Also Steven Seagal himself is a blues guitarist. 110 more words


Tracy Emin's 'Why I Never Became a Dancer.


I watched this short-film on ubu.com and I liked it.  Emin uses what appears to be old cine film edited to suit here dialogue voice-over and a video of her dancing at the end with a final shot of a bird in flight I guess representing her freedom and escape.


Bridget Riley : tricks and illusions

When you walk around an art gallery you have no idea what surprises lie around each corner, there could be celebrated works by the likes of Emin and Hirst sitting proud in the centre of the room or a collection of photographs hidden in the corner by an unknown artist. 200 more words


Emails from Another Universe

Not sure how or why it happened. But my last search for the Trump Jr. emails seemed to have tapped into some alternate dimension. The exchange starts off the same, but takes several unexpected turns. 659 more words


Music Video of the Day: In Another Life by EMIN (2013, dir. ???)

In another life, I wouldn’t have to spotlight this music video. But I might as well since it has made it all the way to the mass media. 1,100 more words

Music Video

Donald Trump's Favorite Russian Pop Star

“Good Love,” written and performed by Azerbaijan-born Emin Agalarov, the favorite Russ-Pop artist of the U.S. President and his son, Donnie Jr. Just like Don Jr., Emin is the son of a… 104 more words


Pastiche 1560: Emin, Serrano, Clark

Last but certainly not least, the final 3 artists are Tracey Emin, Andres Serrano and Larry Clark; Emin known for her chaotic artwork, Serrano known for his blasphemy and Clark for unusual film productions. 83 more words